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Free Downloadable Templates

If you are looking for a free farm stationary template, the Internet is a great place to start. Farm stationary can be a cute and fun way to send correspondence to friends and family. It can make your letters just that little bit more fun, and can add a classic country feel.

Finding a Free Farm Stationary Template

Farm Stationary Template

If you are trying to find a free farm stationary template to use, the following templates will provide you with a wide selection of choices:

Each of these templates features plenty of room to write but also has enough detail to really get across the farm theme. There is a cute farm-themed border along the edges, and a picture on the lower corner of the relevant farm-focused animal or plant.

When To Use Farm Stationary

In today’s day and age when so many people use email for everything, sending a good old-fashioned letter on stationary can really help you to stand out. You can use the free farm stationary template to really help you make a good impression on certain occasions.

Farm themed stationary is a perfect platform for writing a dinner party menu, especially if your dinner consists of a lot of fruits or vegetables or other homegrown foods. Write the name of the food and specify where it came from- your local farmers market or even your very own garden- on the farm stationary.

Celebrating harvest fest or Thanksgiving can also be an occasion to use free farm stationary. Consider sending out an invitation to your harvest festival or thanksgiving party on a nice piece of farm stationary. You can keep the farm theme going throughout the party by adding baskets or bushels of gourds or apples.

Teachers can also use farm stationary when teaching students about farm animals. Give each student a piece of stationary and have him or her draw a picture on it. For example, on the first template with the large check, your students can draw their own favorite animal in the grass next to the chicken.


To print your free farm stationary, first you need to download it. The file is a .pdf file, which means it will open with any PDF reader. Adobe reader is a great free reader for Windows, while Preview on your Apple computer will allow you to open the file with ease. If you already have a PDF reader, the file should either open automatically or be easily opened by clicking on the file name in the location where you downloaded it.

The document is in color, so you will want to make sure you use a color printer so your stationary will look nice. It may be a good idea to also use nicer paper than plain letter paper, depending on what you are planning on doing with your stationary. Many stationary stores or office supply stores sell special paper to print custom stationary on, or you can use resume paper, glossy paper or cardstock.

If you need to print large quantities of the template, perhaps because you are using it as an invitation to a thanksgiving party for a large number of people or if you are using it in your classroom, you may wish to have a printing shop in your local area print the document out. They can usually print color pictures faster and in higher quality than a home printer can can, and the cost may actually be less expensive than printing at home once you factor in the cost of ink.