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Fax Cover Sheet

Fax cover sheets are critical if you send faxes. Despite the incredible use of e-mail, faxes are still used to communicate information. One main reason that people still send faxes is for people to have hard copies of information or documents that need signatures. Regardless of your reason to send a fax, a fax cover sheet is always necessary and provides basic information to the receiver.

Fax Cover Information Sheet

Fax Cover Sheet

The first page is the fax cover sheet. This cover sheet contains fundamental information about who is sending the fax and what is included. On the actual cover, you should have the following information:

TO: try not to be general, especially if more than one person could receive the fax.
FROM: this is you. The recipient needs to know who the fax is from.
PAGES: letting the receiver know how many pages are included helps to ensure all the pages are sent.
RE: what is the fax about? Listing this is a reminder about what you sent.
DATE: Place the date when you sent the fax.
CC: If you copied anyone else, or sent the fax to other people, list them here.
FAX: put your fax number here.
PHONE: place your phone number here.

Two other items on fax cover sheets is a blank area where you can write or type a few words and a section where you can check or circle requests like Please Comment, and Please Reply or quick indications that the fax is Urgent or just For Review.

Most faxes will automatically place your fax number and address at the top of the cover page on the recipient's end.

Finding Cover Sheet Templates

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, then you already have access to a number of cover sheet templates. Open a Word document, then click on File and New. A window will pop up asking you what you would like to open. If you've used any recent templates, they will show up first. Otherwise, scroll down to Faxes and a number of fax cover sheet templates will appear. Some are themed (like Earth Day, or 4th of July), but you should be able to find basic ones, especially if it needs to be professional.

Finding some quick is as easy as clicking FAX COVER SHEET at The form is in PDF format so you'll need some PDF reader to view the cover. You are able to fill in the fields with your information and print it out to use as a cover for your fax packet.

A website that has a good collection of fax cover sheets for you to use is FREE FAX COVER SHEETS. You can search by categories like Business, Funny, Holiday, Nature, and even Kids. On the main page of the site, they list the 10 most downloaded cover sheets, which tend to be basic, business ones. The files are in either PDF or Word format. The Word documents can be customized to suit your business or personal information. The PDF files cannot: you can only fill in the blanks and print out the sheet.

Making Your Own

Sometimes you need something specific. You can make your own fax cover sheets in just a few minutes. Using Word or OpenOffice are your two best programs.

First, insert any pictures you want to include on the fax, like a business logo. A logo fits best in the upper right or left corner. Next to that, insert a text box that will have your address; basically a from box.

Below that, insert another text box about one-quarter the size of the paper. In this section is where your fax information and data will go. Type in the information under the fax cover sheet information heading earlier in the article.

After that, create another text box that will have your check boxes for Urgent, Please Reply, or other specific phrases. Lastly, you will insert one more larger text box for comments or a short letter. This box should take up the rest of the page.

Gregory M. Thompson