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Free Downloadable Templates

Did you know a printable fish template is a great way to introduce new crafts and projects to your children? It’s also a unique way to tear your kids away from their computers and video games, and sit down for some fun family projects! Luckily, you can find a fish template free on the Internet if you know where to look! So, where can you find these templates, and what are some of the projects that you can do with them?

Find a Fish Template

Fish Template

One of the best places to initially find the fish template that is perfect for you is searching for it on Google Images. Google Images provides a huge variety of different templates, and you can locate the ideal match for your son or daughter. For example, Google has templates that are completely blank except for the shape, or templates with more detail such as a face for the fish.

If you can’t find the fish that you want in this collection, you might want to try the Wisconsin Water Library’s template. This template comes in two sizes, so you can pick the size that’s right for your project. Furthermore, the templates are entirely blank which means that your children can create their own face for their fish!

Perhaps you are searching for a fish with fins that you can add onto it. Then the template from the Activity Village is the perfect fish for you. Your children will love decorating and adding the fins!

I Have the Template! Start Crafting

One of the prettiest crafts that you can make using the template is a Rainbow Fish Craft. You need the following materials: your template, a variety of half inch colored tissue paper in all different colors, a small amount of aluminum foil, thin strips of construction paper and a large piece of blue construction paper, glue, and scissors.

First, color the head of your fish blue (alternatively, you can glue blue tissue or blue construction paper to the head). Decorate the fins and tail of your fish with a variety of colored tissue paper. Try to create a pattern with the tissue paper, and use a lot of different colors.

Next, glue the longer strips of tissue paper all over the body of the fish. Have fun with this part, but make sure that the colors look nice together! Next, add the tinfoil to the fish to add some sparkle. For any pieces of tissue paper that are hanging over the edge of the fish, cut along the lines to ensure that the fish shape is visible.

Draw a mouth and a set of eyes on one of the leftover strips of construction paper. Glue the eyes and the mouth to your fish. Next, paste this fish to your sheet of blue paper. The blue paper serves as the ocean for your fish!

Fun Activity with the Template

A great craft to make that also turns into a fun game for your kids to play is the Magnetic Fishing Game Craft. You need the following materials: a poster board, paper clips, string, a magnet (you can pick one up from a craft store), a stick from a tree, and a variety of medium sized templates.

First, print out the templates and cut them according to the lines of the fish. Trace this template onto your poster board, and cut out the fish from the poster board. You can decorate your fish a variety of different colors.

Put a paper click on each fish near the mouth of the fish. Next, take your stick and tie a string to the end of the stick. Tie (or tape) the other end of the string to the magnet. Your children will have fun “fishing” with the magnet for the paperclip fish. You can give a prize to whoever catches the most fish!