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Free Downloadable Templates

Free Calendar Templates

There is more to using free calendar templates than just saving a few dollars.

What is a Template

Free Calendar Templates

In the most general of terms a template is a file with a layout that is created for you that you then fill in with the needed information. A template can be anything from a gift certificate and contract to free calendar templates. Essentially a template serves to save you a lot of time as it you no longer have to worry about setting up headers, footers or other equally aggravating items in order to make a document. In most cases the templates are very easy to use and all you need to do is put your information where the document tells you to. Images can easily be changed as well so you can customize the standard look to your own.

Why Use a Template

What these templates do is take the guess work out of creating media that you need so you can focus on more important things. Many templates are able to be used in very common program like Microsoft Word. Others will be available to such programs like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator. When you purchase any of these programs (or activate the ones that came with your computer) you can usually access free templates from the publisher’s site. Templates serve many useful purposes for the home business owner, the person watching the purse strings or a crafter. Gift cards, certificates, awards, calendars and many other items are not cheap to have made so templates afford you the possibility of saving a lot of money.

Using Free Calendar Templates

Using a calendar to track the days gone by, important dates and holidays is pretty common in today’s society all over the world. We generally awaken, get some coffee or juice then check off the day we just started. Calendars help to keep our busy world more in our grasps by organizing them neatly in little boxes. Printing calendars can save you money but you could also make some money too as well as making fun presents for other people. You can create your own “theme” calendars for fundraisers and the like so the sky is really the limit when it comes down to it.

Finding Free Templates

Calendars That Work: There are many sites that offer calendars but Calendars That Work is a site that has nearly every orientation you can think of. You can find monthly and yearly calendars in landscape or portrait but there are various styles other than your usual “squared” calendar. There is a free collection of 22 calendars but you can open up a bunch more by purchasing a membership.

Vertex 42: There are a lot of diverse and useful calendar templates to be had here. You have your usual finds of a monthly or yearly calendar template that you just load and print but there is more than just that. They have daily planners, school calendars, calendars for bloggers, blank grids and even calendar clipart. The great thing here is that the site is very easy to navigate. Everything is free for personal use but the templates are provided for use in Excel.

Win Calendar: If all you need is something simple to get by then this is where you may want to look. They provide a yearly and monthly template for both Word and Excel.

Microsoft Office Templates: If you use Microsoft Office products then this site should definitely be one of your stops. When you visit the site click on the templates tab and you will find many categories to choose from. Under the calendar category you can select from several styles including 2009 and 2010 calendars, multiple year and academic. There are many designs to choose from that differ from the usual.

Hoover Web Design: There are over 7 pages of free calendar templates in PDF format. They have many floral and outdoor landscape designs along with a few animal ones and vehicles.