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Free Downloadable Templates

Free Certificate Templates

Free certificate templates allow you to design and print your own awards.

What is a Template

Free Certificate Templates

A template is a file that is fully created with layout and design, but with pertinent information left out. They are used to simplify the process of creating a myriad of items from calendars and picture frames to gift certificates. Whenever you purchase design software or use writing software like Microsoft Word you will often get several generic templates.

These are completely free for you to use for either commercial or private use. The problem with these templates is that they are generic and quite often use less than appealing clipart images. You can buy template packs of course but there are plenty of resources on the Internet where you can find free templates to use.

Editing Templates

When you download a template that is made for Word, or another document editing program, you may want to edit the layout or design. You will need to at least edit the template for it to meet your needs so you would have to enter names, dates and at least a short description of what the certificate is for.

Download your template and open it with the proper software program. If you wish to change the clip art you will need to double left click the image element. A box will appear that will allow you to find the image you like. Adding names and other text is easy as well. You can either double click the text box or create your own. From here you can adjust the fonts used and their colors as well as size then just type and then click outside of the box to save.

Free Certificate Templates

Free certificate templates can be used for many things including:

  • Gift Certificates
  • Award Certificates
  • High Achiever
  • Placement Awards
  • Best of Show
  • Award Winning Recipe
  • .. and many more possibilities!

Now that you have an idea of what you want to do you just need to locate them! The following sites will offer up quite a few resources for you. These are all free to download and use as well as edit. Keep in mind that not all templates are suitable for all programs so double check which one you’re downloading and what software you actually have.

Scott Common Sense: Scott, known for its line of paper products, also has an extensive set of tools to make your life easier and more organized. When you enter the site you can click on “tools” then scroll down to the certificate program near the bottom then click on it. You design your free certificate from their site and you can print from there as well. They have the following free certificate templates available:

  • Mom’s #1 Helper
  • Job Well Done
  • I am Sorry
  • I Love You
  • Free Hug
  • Reward Certificate
  • .. and many more

My Award Maker: If you need an award certificate of some sort then definitely start here. They have templates available that are downloadable and completely free in the following categories:

  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Sports
  • Special Occasion
  • Business
  • Blanks

DyeTub: This site, like Scott, has an easy to use online tool for you to fill out then print in several categories including sports, education and scouts. There are over 100 certificate templates available that you simply click on and fill in then print.

Brain Betty: There is only a handful of certificates available ranging from high honors and sales to a completion award. The certificates here are in Microsoft Power Point format.

Success Certificates: The name of this site says it all and there are quite a few certificates here to download. You can find thousands of achievement style certificates in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and JPEG file formats. You do need to join the site in order to view and use the certificates but signing up is free.

by Heather Long