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Free Certificate of Completion Template

Using free certificate of completion templates is the best way to give someone recognition if you are in hurry or you need to give out the certificates in bulk quantity. They can be given for completing a job, a specific task, or collected for contest prizes. Whatever your reason for needing free certificate of completion templates, check out some of the sites below.

Free Certificate of Completion Information

Free Certificate of Completion

What’s included on a Certificate of Completion template? You can have just about anything you want on a certificate of completion, but there some basic pieces of information you’ll need to put on there.

Name: most certificates need the name of the person receiving the award and the Completion certificate is no different.
Reason: don’t forget to include the reason the person is getting the certificate. If there is no reason, the sincerity is perceived as non-existent.
Date: make the time frame relevant to the actual completion date. Waiting months to give out a Certificate of Completion won’t have the same impact as if you give it soon after.
Signatures: Make sure your signature is on the form, as well as any other bosses or those who had significant input.
Words of Wisdom: if possible, include a quote. Quotes can make the theme of the certificate come across with more impact. Go to Hearts and Minds and pick a topic that describes the theme of your certificate and include a nice quote to emphasize the point.

Finding Certificates Online

Microsoft Online. At Microsoft Online you can download free certificate of completion templates for free right into your Microsoft Word, Publisher or PowerPoint program. The templates are designed to be easy to edit with room for additional designs. Also, some of the templates at Office Online are specific to certain statuses. For example, you can find completion certificates for training or for certain courses in school or even for completing a season of sports. If needed, you can simply change the heading or the title to meet your own needs.

Ace Catalog. Visit Ace Catalog for pre-made certificates with nice color and visuals. The certificates are edited online and printed directly from the website so they aren’t available for download, but they look professional.

Hoover Web Design. For those students in Sunday School, you can find a Certificate of Completion specially made for them at Hoover Web Design. Even though the certificate is basic, it provides you the simple things you need fill it out.

If you have all the information, you can type it into a certificate maker like the one at Freelinks. Key in the title, the date, the recipient and any other words you need, then select the size you want and print it out!

Docstock. At you will find user created documents to use royalty-free. When you sign up for an account you can save your certificates for later use without searching for them again.

Make Your Own Certificate

Sometimes you can’t find exactly what you need online, so it may be necessary to create your own. Open up any word processing program and set up the paper to landscape, which is how most of Certificates are laid out. If you want, add a border, which most programs will allow you to do and then add any pictures that are relevant to the type of completion you are making the certificate for. Make sure to add color to the certificate to give it some pizzazz, otherwise the bland certificate will hold less meaning. After you make sure you have at least the basic information on the certificate as listed under the Free Certificate of Completion Information, then print it out and adjust as needed.