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Free Downloadable Templates

Free Franklin Planner Templates

Free Franklin planner templates are good alternatives to purchasing a pack at your local office supply store. No matter if you download them directly from the Internet or create them from scratch based on templates you see, you’ll find free Franklin templates for all kinds of personalization.

Supplies You Will Need

Free Franklin Planner Template

Before you go searching for free Franklin planner templates, there are a few things you should get in order to use the templates correctly for your organization binder.

Hole puncher. You will need one that can adjust to the binder rings. Office Max or Office Depot should carry different types to choose from.

Paper. The kind of paper depends on you and how much of the template you want to use. The thicker the paper, the thicker your planner will be. Of course, thicker paper is sturdier so one option is to print up a few months at a time. If you use thinner paper, you can print up a whole year.

Paper cutter or trimmer. Since many of the templates will vary in size, a paper trimmer will be a valuable asset when printing out the templates.

Printer. Whether you have a basic printer or a printer with numerous features, most of the printers should work with the templates.

Where to Find Free Franklin Planner Templates

At DIY Planner, you can find planner templates as well as special journal pages and other time management tools to organize your life. View the pages in thumbnail mode and then download the files needed to your computer. The licenses are Creative Commons, so they are free to use as you see fit. The files are mostly in PDF or Open Office format so make sure you have those programs installed. Some templates are in Word format, but Open Office can read those.

Go to to download a Zip file that contains three different templates for you to use. The templates are in Word format and can be edited. The templates provide all the necessary blanks to include tasks, appointments and general information.

Depending on the size of your organizer, you can find planner templates at Microsoft Office Online. While they aren’t specifically made for Franklin organizers, you can use your newly acquired paper trimmer to adjust the size as needed.

Make Your Own Templates

Sometimes you may not find the exact planner template you need. Maybe you need different information that downloadable templates don’t provide. Creating your own is an option.

First, chose a program that you feel comfortable using like Excel, Word, Publisher or another desktop publishing program. Whichever works best for you use it. Next, figure out what size you need. Within the program you can select your paper size.

  • The largest size is called A4, which is standard letter size. While there is no full-size planner, you can print out a decent sized organizer that you can pop into a binder.
  • Basic size. The dimensions of most planners is 5.5” by 8.5”.
  • Another common size of planners is A5, which is half of a letter-sized paper.
  • Some planners can get smaller, about the size of an index card. These are perfect for the pocket or purse.

Once you set your size, add text and boxes to fit your needs. On the left hand side of the paper, leave a little extra space to add holes. If you are having a little trouble creating a layout for your template, download one of the editable templates above and adjust as necessary. Or you can visit your local office supply store and check out the packs of pages they carry to give you ideas on how to lay out your own.

After you’ve printed out all the sheets you need, you just need to insert them into an organizer. Your organizer can be a 3-ring binder or most office supply stores carry empty Franklin Planners or generic planners you can insert your own pages into.