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Free Downloadable Templates

Free Gift Box Templates

Free gift box templates save you R&D time whether you are in need of a box for a present or you wish to begin a new business venture that doesn’t cost too much.

Why Should You Make Your Own Gift Boxes

Free Gift Box Templates

If you have ever walked into a store looking for a box to house a freshly bought present you may have noticed that the expense of an empty square bit of cardboard borderlines on the outrageous. So cost is definitely a factor when wanting to make your own gift boxes. Ignoring the actual cost of the empty gift boxes making them is better because it’s from your hands and so it will mean more to the recipient because you took the time to do that. Making the boxes from free gift box templates also allows you to modify the box and decorate it however you wish.

Besides the cost of gift boxes and the thrill of making them yourself there is the added bonus of possibly starting a business. You could create and sell your own line of gift boxes by taking custom orders, creating wild and unique designs among other possibilities. All you would need are some templates, modify them, and get creative. If you are a baker, eBay seller or small store owner you could create your own gift boxes for that personal touch that keeps your customers returning.

Getting Free Gift Box Templates

There are quite a few resources for getting your hands on templates for gift boxes. The sites that follow are all free and offer many templates from the simple to those bordering on artistic.

Package Tech: The instructions are clearly printed on the site with a picture of your final product. The great thing about this site is that they give you some very simple templates then they spice them up. You can find a standard square box here as well as a corrugated-look box with little handles. They also have a cute daisy gift box you can easily put together. Along with their gift box templates they also offer free seals you can print on sticker paper.

Packaging Templates: No frills seem to be the motto of this site as the link goes straight to the templates. They have a very diverse array of them for you to use from. Some of the designs include basket, small box, bon bon candy box, ornament box and even a pyramid box. You simply click on the thumbnail image then print the page and follow the instructions.

Mirkwood Designs: If you want to be very creative with your gift giving then this is the site you should visit first. Mirkwood Designs offers several gift box templates including a take-out box, trapezoid box and a really ingenious box that looks like a suitcase. Along with the box templates they also have templates for cards and even envelopes plus they are all free.

Auntie Andrea’s: Here you will find sections broken down to what you are looking for be it gift cards, bags or boxes. The gift boxes found here are basic in nature but the instructions are really easy. Once you enter the category you simply click on the thumb nail then the main image to get a full size template. Unfortunately they want you to order a print but you can simply print the page from right inside your browser.

Making Your Gift Boxes

Many gift boxes that you will find templates for are small boxes for trinkets. For the most part you should be able to cut along the lines, fold the box then put them together by inserting tabs in the slits. Other designs will require you to glue or tape the boxes together. Your best bet for a strong hold is to use a bonding agent that you spray on and allow it to become tacky. You can also use this method if you want to add depth and layers to your design using vellum or other fancy paper products.

First you need to decide on the paper you wish to use for your gift boxes and make sure that your printer can handle it. Open your template in word (or other program) and simply print the template out. Once you have done this simply cut around the border then fold the box. Glue, tape or utilize slots in order to actually assemble the box. That is all there is to it and it will wind up costing you pennies instead of dollars.

Customizing and Editing Gift Box Templates

Editing your gift boxes is really easy to do. Many of the box templates you find will be for standard paper sizes so that translates into being kind of small for some items you may wish to give. If you have access to a large format printer you can create much larger boxes. You will want to use Photoshop to open the image of the template and simply adjust the image size, save the image with a different name and then print.

Customizing your gift boxes can be as simple as using specialty papers like vellum or parchment glued to heavyweight paper like card stock. You can also create handmade paper ornaments to allow your boxes to have depth and style.