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Free Downloadable Templates

Free invoice templates can help you prepare a professional and polished invoice for your business. Throughout the interaction with your customers, you want to be professional and put your best face forward.

Once you have taken the time to do high quality work, a professional and detailed invoice can ensure both that you are paid for your work in a timely manner and that, just as importantly, your client is provided with one more reminder of your professionalism so they will want to do business again.

Choosing an Invoice Template

The right invoice template will depend a lot on the job you have done and what you are invoicing for. If you have done a number of small jobs, a detailed list invoice that allows you to list all of the services you have provided and the fee for each is the best option. On the other hand, if you have done one big job, perhaps you don’t need many boxes to put items in but you instead need an invoice that allows you to write about one particular job in detail.

To choose the best invoice for you, browse the free invoice templates online and see which one will allow you to best present the information to the client. You are more likely to be paid in a timely manner if your client’s accounting department can quickly (and easily) process your professional and detailed invoice, so making the right choice is key.

Finding Free Invoice Templates

There are numerous free invoice templates available online, many of which require only a wood processor to modify and personalize. For example:

  • Vertex 42 offers invoice templates for the Microsoft Excel program at no cost. The templates can be downloaded at no cost and opened and edited as long as you have MS Excel installed on your computer
  • Word provides free templates for the Microsoft Word software tool. The invoice can be downloaded and easily edited by anyone with access to MS Word and you can input your company information and the description of work as easily as clicking in the appropriate fields and typing in the details.
  • offers an entire program specifically designed to make the creation of invoice templates easy. Rather than having to work from a basic downloaded form, you can just use this template to create your own custom invoices that perfectly meet your company's needs. A windows operating system is required to install and use the program.
  • Invoice$ Online through offers you the opportunity to create your own invoice online and to then print the invoice template to PDF for free. Their online tool walks you through the entire creation of the invoice. You can then print it to PDF in order to send to your client. You can input all required information, including your full name, business name and contact information, clients name and contact information, and the details of work performed.

What to Include On Your Invoice

Regardless of which invoice template you choose, there are certain key things to include on it. You want to make sure your invoice has:

  • Your company name
  • The name of the company you are requesting payment from
  • Your payment address
  • Your contact information in case there are questions
  • A summary of the work completed
  • A summary of the amount due for each item completed
  • A total amount due
  • A due date or method of payment

It is also a good idea to include a thank you on the invoice so your client knows that you appreciate your business. Finally, you may want to consider inviting your clients to contact you again if they need more work done- asking them to use your business again or even offering them a special incentive to do so, allows you to turn this invoice into a marketing effort as well as a functional piece of business correspondence.