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Free Downloadable Templates

Free Paper Airplane Templates

Collecting free paper airplane templates provides great crafting opportunities for all ages. The art of taking a regular piece of paper or card stock and folding it to look like a plane requires some skill and know-how that can be made easier by using these templates. You will be able to keep the kids (and yourself) busy as well as having a lot of fun trying to see if you could beat the Guinness Book of World Records time for longest sustained flight by a paper airplane!

Origins of the Paper Airplane

Free Paper Airplane Templates

When you first think about it the idea of making a paper airplane seems so simple. You take a piece of white paper, crease it a few times then you’re done and it can be thrown and fly a few inches or feet. You run over, pick it back up and do it all over again. This act of paper folding is actually a much older form of art. Paper airplanes are actually known as “aerogami” and come from the traditional art form “origami” found in Japan. The art of origami is in creating animals out of a single sheet of paper by creasing and folding without needing to glue or cut the paper. Origami uses minimal paper folds that are combined in many ways to create intricate designs. This art form was first seen in the Edo era of Japan between 1603 and 1867.

Paper airplane folding is a popular form of entertainment in Singapore because it is one of the easiest forms of origami to master. With this being the case it makes a wonderful past time for the novice paper folder to a master. The simplest paper plan one could make can have as few as six steps to complete. Using paper to make toy planes is thought to have originated around 2,000 years ago in China where kites were popular forms of entertainment. Many feel that Leonardo da Vinci is the father of the paper airplane but this point can be debated since the Chinese invented both paper as well as the kite.

The modern day equivalent of a paper airplane (made from linen) was created by George Cayley in the 1800s when he built a hand launched glider. But like all things this is open to discussion and debate as many believe it was really Jack Northrop (the co-founder of Lockheed Corp) because he used to fold paper airplanes to test his ideas for real-world aircraft ideas. Despite just who came up with it first the hobby of paper airplane making has become much more advanced as free paper airplane templates are available on the Internet and make use of new ideas in design, fashion, lift and velocity.

Getting Your Own Free Paper Airplane Templates

There are many resources for you to find plenty of paper airplane templates that range from the very easy to advanced. The following Internet sites will offer you many ideas and templates that you can download or just print at home.

Fun Paper Airplanes: The great thing about this site is that they don’t just give you written instructions along with pictures that you can download and print through Adobe’s Acrobat program but a video that you can follow along with. They provide you with several levels of paper airplane including: novelty, beginner, intermediate and advanced. They even provide you with a simple how-to on how to print the documents correctly.

Paper Airplane Designs: Hosted in the United Kingdom, this site offers many paper airplane designs based off of real planes. You download the plane you want in a zip file and once you unpack the file you will have several images that you print, cut out then assemble. They also offer beginner and intermediate paper airplane templates that you can follow straight from the site without having to download anything.

10 Paper Airplanes: Like the other sites this one offers several paper airplanes that you can create yourself. The difference here is that you watch an animated graphic and follow along with the written instructions in order to make your airplane.

Amazing Paper Airplanes: Like the site from the UK this one offers paper airplanes based off of real planes. Once you click on a plane you like you have two options with the first being to follow the direction provided along with the visuals. The second option, if you want a plane in full color, is to click on the link which will take you to an image you can print, cut out and fold. Some of the planes contain files in PDF format and others even have a video you can follow along with.

Innovative Paper Airplanes: The interesting aspect of this site is that the planes are not the usual ones that you’d come to expect. You are given a few designs from the real world but most of them are based off of other things like buildings and trees. You can get the design in a PDF file or print directly from the web page.

Paper Plane: The world record holder for the person to keep a paper airplane aloft is Ken Blackburn and this is his site. Here he offers templates for to create the same plane he used in order to achieve his world record as well as a selection of templates from visitors to his site.

Best Paper Airplanes: This site wastes no time for you to fumble with trial and error. They state it quite plainly that you are looking at the 10 designs that are best for paper airplanes.