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Free Downloadable Templates

Free weekly planner templates can help you get on a schedule and can help you and your family stays on track. You can print a free weekly calendar using a template online to provide greater customization than a store bought weekly planner or day planner. It is also more cost effective to print weekly planners online from templates than to buy pre-made templates in stores. Finally, you can fill out your template on the computer in many cases, which will make it neater and easier to read, especially if you have bad handwriting.

Types of Free Weekly Planner Templates

There are numerous different types of free weekly planner templates, depending on what you need to plan. Perhaps you might be looking for just a day planner with each day of the week. Alternatively, you may want a template for specific activities or a template designed as more of a to do list that allows you to assign tasks for each day of the week.

There are also specialized planning templates that allow you to plan different aspects of your week. For example, you may want to plan your weekly meals to allow you to grocery shop more efficiently and save money. If so, perhaps a weekly meal-planning template is right for you.

Before looking for free weekly planner templates, make sure you know what type of organizational structure you are looking for. You may have to experiment with a few until you find the perfect template to organize your busy life --- but don’t worry, since the templates are free, you won’t lose anything but the cost of a bit of paper and ink if you decide a template isn’t right for you.

Finding Downloadable Weekly Planner Templates

The following website provide free downloads of weekly planning templates for a number of different situations:

  • Vertex 42 has a weekly planning template that makes use of Microsoft Office Excel. The template was designed to be printed and to fit neatly into letter size three ringed binders so you can take your template anywhere and essentially use it to create your own personal day planner. You will need to have the Microsoft Office suite of software, including Microsoft Excel, to download and use this template.
  • Microsoft Office also provides a number of different planning templates that you can download and open using Microsoft Word. Some of the templates are conference planners or monthly planners, but there are also options for weekly planning templates, for homework planning templates, for monthly planning, and for any other situation the average family or working individual is likely to encounter.
  • Calendars Quick offers 80 different Excel and PDF templates for printing. The calendars range from a standard week to an eight-week calendar or a custom weekly planner. There are also family calendar templates and photo calendar templates if you want a more fun or functional way to organize yourself and your family.
  • Dot Connector’s printable template is more geared towards the businessperson, with both a weekly planning template and a goal setting worksheet that can be downloaded and used to organize your work products and set goals of varying importance for the week.

Using Your Planner

The key to weekly planning is not just to find the write planner to download, but to actually use the planner and make it functional for you. There are a number of different organization systems people have implemented, from using color-coding so each member of the family has a different color to using complex listing systems that require you to separate your tasks into individual components.

Regardless of which system you choose, carry your planner with you at all times so you can make sure you use it and update it as needed. Be consistent and eventually updating and working from your planner will become like second nature and you will be a much more organized and productive person.