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A gift certificate voucher template allows you to create the perfect custom gift for just about any special occasion. Often, a plain store bought gift feels boring and impersonal. You may not be able to think of something to buy for your friends or family, especially if they seem to have everything. By giving a personal and customized gift voucher, you can give something far more valuable than anything you can buy in a store- you can give of yourself, and let your loved ones know that you truly love and care about them.

When to Give a Give Certificate Voucher

Gift Certificate Voucher Template

Gift certificate vouchers can be given just about any time of the year. While it is common to give them on birthdays and Christmas, they are also appropriate for other holidays such as Valentines day or anniversaries. In fact, you don’t even need a holiday at all to give a gift certificate voucher - you can give one as a present or surprise just because you want to show you care.

A gift certificate voucher, however, doesn’t necessarily have to be a present. It can be used as a marketing tool if you send your customers a free gift in the mail. For example, send them a gift certificate voucher for a percentage off a product or service you offer- it may bring them in droves. Teachers can use a gift certificate voucher to give prizes to students, such as free pass on a pop quiz if they read the most books in the class. Professional managers and employers can give vouchers to their employees to act as incentives.

Because a gift certificate voucher template can be customized, it is perfect for just about any occasion.

Using the Gift Certificate Voucher Template

The gift certificate voucher template available here contains three different color templates or vouchers, so you can find one in the ideal color for your recipient. You can print one voucher on the page or all three, depending on how many vouchers you need to give. You can also click here to view an alternate voucher template.

Using the template is easy - if you have a PDF reader installed, the file should either open automatically or you can open it by using your PDF reader to select the file name. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download one for free from Adobe Acrobat or another PDF software provider online.

Once you have opened the file, customizing the certificates is as simple as clicking on the relevant line and typing. While you won’t have as many customization options as far as font as you do in MS word, the text will automatically appear in the right format to complement the template so all you have to do is type and print.

Ideas for What to Give

Choosing the right gift is really up to you, but you should try to be creative and think of the thing that your recipient would most want. For example, if you are giving the gift to your teenager daughter who is constantly begging you to borrow the car - perhaps you could give her the gift of one free day with the car on a day of her choice. You may have a son who constantly complains he never gets to pick the restaurants - give him the gift of a dinner out anywhere he wants to go. Give your spouse or significant other the gift of a date of their choice.

The key is to make the gift personal and special to the recipient. You are giving the voucher because you wanted to do more than just go and pick something up off the shelf, so make the gift count.


Printing your voucher is easy- simply select print from the print menu in your PDF reader. You may want to print on cardstock or glossy paper so that the voucher has a bit more substance, and make sure to print in color.