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Graph paper is useful for any number of activities, from charting different mathematical or economics concepts to drawing design diagrams and plans for a home or landscaping, and a graph paper template provides you with a great, free printable source of unlimited graph paper.

Using Graph Paper

Graph Paper Template

Graph paper used to be popularly used for many different applications. It was used in laboratories, in science experiments, in designing gardens or homes, in making graphical representations of data, in plotting points to represent information, and in engineering. School students learned to use graph paper to understand basics of geometry, and even to create graphs of different slopes to understand algebraic expressions.

Today, graph paper has become less common as a result of the prevalence of online graphing programs and software. Still, sometimes nothing beats a good old-fashioned piece of graph paper and a lead pencil, and at those times, it is great to have access to a graph paper template.

How Graph Paper Works

Graph paper consists of paper laid out in a grid with spaces of uniform sizes. The entire paper itself is a large grid, and then each individual grid within the paper is divided up into even smaller squares and sections. This allows you to achieve precise measurements on the paper. For example, you can draw an X and Y access and label each access. You can then make various graphs including bar graphs and scatter plot charts. Because the size of each box is uniform and because the grids are so clearly marked, it is easy to determine what value X is and what value Y is when they are plotted on graph paper.

If you are designing a home or garden, graph paper can also be used. You can plot out how much space the room takes up on the graph paper, drawing to scale. You can then determine how much space a particular piece of furniture or plant or architectural feature will take up. Using the uniformly sized and clearly marked lines of the graph paper, you can also draw these objects to scale on the paper and get a good idea of how they will look in the room or yard and how much space you will have.

Using a Graph Paper Template

Using this graph paper template is simple. You can click on the link to download the file. If your operating system is set up to allow PDF downloads to open automatically, the file will open with your favorite PDF reader (most likely Adobe for a PC and Adobe or Preview for a Mac). If your file doesn’t open automatically, you can open it by choosing “Open” in your PDF program and then selecting the appropriate file name. If you do not already have a PDF reader on your computer, one can be installed for free from the Internet from sites such as Adobe.

Once the file is open, you can see that the paper template contains 10 grids along the top and 13 grids going down the side of the page. Each of those individual grids contains five squares across and fives squares down, making them uniform in size.

The template of graph paper is appropriate for all your graphing needs. No editing is required, although you can also open the file in a photo-editing tool such as Photoshop and use your computer to do online graphing or design.


The online graph paper can be printed in black and white, so you should not need any special printing tools. While you can print the graph paper on a heavier paper such as a cardstock, the quality of the paper that you use should be based on what you plan to do with the graph paper. For everyday graphing and drawing, plain letterhead should be sufficient for printing your graph paper from your template.