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If you ever feel overwhelmed when you’re shopping for food, you may want to try using a grocery list template. Frequently, people enter a store with a solid plan of what to buy and what not to buy, and exit the store with items they don’t need and we forget the items that they do need! A grocery list template is a great way to solve this problem — yet where can you find one?

Find a Grocery List Template

The great thing about the Internet is that so many things are at your fingertips. This includes grocery templates! Yet, there are a myriad of different ones, so you may have some difficulty finding the one that fits your exact needs.

The first template that you can try using is from the Organizing Junkie website. The template includes boxes for a variety of different categories including, but not limited to, the following: fruit, vegetables, dairy, pets, breakfast and cereal, kitchen supplies, and frozen food. Additionally, it reminds you not to forget your coupons and your recyclable bags to carry the food home.

The great thing about this template is that you can write the things the items that you need beforehand in the boxes and check them off. You can also add items that you pick up in the store. Before you check out, you can then look through your template and determine if there are items that you don’t really need, or items you forgot to pick up.

If this template is not for you, you can try Vertex 42’s grocery list template. There template uses different categories than the Organizing Junkie’s template, such as dry foods, refrigerated foods, snack food and drinks, and canned foods.

The template provides eight lines to sixteen lines for each category, and a box to check off when you have picked up a product. It’s a bit larger than the Organizing Junkie template, so this grocery list may be suitable for individuals who do their shopping in bulk.

Yet, maybe you want a more detailed template. The grocery template from “MomReady” is perfect for you then. This template offers suggestions for what you should be purchasing, instead of blank spaces for you to write what you need to buy.

For example, under the Meat/Poultry/Fish category, it lists the following items: chicken breast, lamb chops, turkey breast, roast beef, hot dogs, and a blank space for you to write an additional item in. Under the Canned/Box/Bag category, it offers such suggestions as rice, beans, dried cranberry, and pasta sauce.

This template is ideal for the individual who may not even have time to make a grocery list, but knows that the house needs food! Simply take this template, go to the store, and buy according to the suggestions.

Templates Help You Shop Healthy

Many individuals have a hard time shopping healthy at the grocery store. Whether it’s because you’re in a rush, or it’s because you simply don’t know what alternatives to buy, there are grocery templates that can help you with that problem.

The first template that you may want to try is the grocery template from the Hungry Girl website. This template is nice because it offers you a huge variety of healthy suggestions under the normal categories that you shop for, such as Dairy and Meat and Seafood.

The large amount of suggestions under each category also takes the stress of the shopper if your grocery store doesn’t have a certain “healthy” brand. The template suggests so many alternatives, that your store is bound to have one of them.

Another healthy grocery template is the template from SmarterFitter. This template cuts certain unhealthy items off your list, such as soda, potato chips, fried foods, and candy.