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Free Downloadable Templates

A free heart template can help you make your own personalized valentines cards. You can also use the template as an addition to a scrapbook or craft project, to make nametags or door labels, or just to leave a heart shaped note to show someone you love him.

Using a Free Heart Template

Heart Template

You can open this heart template using your PDF reader. The file should open automatically in many browsers when you click on the link, or you can open Adobe or your reader of choice and open the file by selecting the file name after downloading.

Once opened, the heart template is simple and easy to print by selecting the print option from the file menu. The template is in black and white, so you don’t even need a color printer. If you want to get creative, consider printing the heart template on red colored construction paper or purchasing card stock or glossy paper to print your free heart template. The more durable and thicker paper will provide a good background for a card or arts and crafts project.

What Should I Do With My Heart?

Once you have printed your free heart template, you have a number of fun options:

  • Use it to write a note to your loved ones. Even something as simple as “I love you” can brighten someone’s day considerably. Include it in your child’s lunch box or attach it to the mirror with scotch tape when your husband or wife is taking a shower.
  • Create a personalized nametag. You can glue a favorite picture in the center of the heart or write someone’s name on it. You can then hang it on the door to their bedroom, on their cubby, on their seat at the dinner table, or anywhere else where they will see it.
  • Write your own valentines message. The template can serve as a great valentines day card.

Template Benefits

Using a template from the Internet to print out a heart provides you with neater and more perfect hearts than trying to draw freehand. It also shows more thought than just buying a Valentines card from the store, since you will be putting your own effort into decorating the hearts.