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Free Downloadable Templates

A template for a memorandum can help you create a professional and high quality business letter, memo or other correspondence. In the business world, many memorandums or letters are sent.

These letters may be sent internally from one member of the staff to another; they may be sent to clients, potential customers, suppliers, other vendors, or those who you wish to network with. Regardless of who you are sending your business letter or memorandum to, there are accepted formats within the business world for how the letter must be structured. By using a template for a memorandum, you can ensure you write your letter in the commonly accepted format and that it comes across as both professional and business-like.

Writing a Memorandum

The first thing you need to do when writing a memorandum is to decide what the purpose of the letter is. Are you communicating information, letting someone know about a problem, or inviting someone to try your services. The subject of the letter will dictate the tone and style and you should try to keep your letter very specific and focused on the point at hand, so you don’t waste anyone’s time.

The memorandum must be free of grammatical errors and otherwise professionally written. Slang terms should be avoided and you want to ensure that you communicate your point clearly. If you are sending the memorandum to alert customers about a product, you also want to invite them to take action; if you are sending it to communicate information or make a request, on the other hand, you should include information on how you or the other party will follow up.

A template for a memorandum can help you to ensure that you are including all necessary and essential structural elements of your memo or business letter, but it is up to you and you alone to ensure the writing is good.

Finding a Template for a Memorandum

If you want to find templates for your memos or business letters, there are plenty of places to look. One key source of free memo templates is the Internet. You can find memos and templates for almost any type of memo or business letter you want to write, form a general letter of information for a job interview to a resignation letter to highly specific memos that paralegals or lawyers may need to write to analyze a legal case.

Some examples of online memorandum templates can be found at the following sites:

  • Microsoft Office provides numerous options for sample memos, from a simple design memo template to a credit memo to a personal memo to memos with borders and designs. The memos can be downloaded and then opened and edited using word. Adding your personal information to Microsoft’s memo templates is as easy as clicking in the spot where you want to type with your cursor and beginning to type. If you have Word and know how to use it, these memos will work for you.
  • Management offers an HTML memo template that, while not actually creating the memo for you, shows you exactly how to create your own business letter or memo in MS Word or within the word processing document of your choice.
  • offers a downloadable professional memo template appropriate for any professional situation. The file can be opened and edited in word and you can use the provided formatting and simply fill in your own specific information and memo contents.
  • Word also offers you a sample menu to download and edit in MS Word.
  • Samples has a sample memo on their website that you can copy. While again this is not downloadable, you can mimic the structure and style of the website in your own memo. This site also offers a wealth of memo writing tips, tricks and hints so you can perfect your business writing skills.

Personalize and Proofread

Once you have found the perfect memo template, don’t forget to personalize it with your own details. You should also make sure to proofread so you can catch and correct any errors before your memo gets to your recipient.