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A novelty money template is a great and easy way to teach your children how to use money without spending a cent! Further, it’s a fun tool that children can use to play games, or create crafts. The whole family can enjoy the craft, and use novelty money on family game nights. Yet, where can you find a novelty money template, and what can you do with them?

Where Can I Find A Novelty Money Template?

Novelty Money Template

You can find novelty money on the Internet, and you can print it for free. First, you might want to look at the Money Instructor website. It has a variety of different face money that you can print, including coins as well as bills. You can print sheets of fifty-dollar bills, or sheets of twenty-dollar bills.

Alternatively, you may want to visit the website, Free Stuff For Kids to find the novelty money template that you want. This website also offers one-dollar bills, five-dollar bills, and ten-dollar bills. However, the money doesn’t look like real money like the previous website offers. Yet, this is still a good way for children to learn about money.

Finally, the website Printable Play Money offers a good selection of money templates. Printable Play Money has templates for one hundred dollar bills, one-dollar bills, and ten-dollar bills that look like realistic money. Further, the site has a selection of obviously fake money in a variety of different colors such as purple or yellow.

I’ve Printed the Money—What Should I Do With It?

One of the great things that you can do with this fake money is teaching your children about the value of money. For example, set up a “store” in your kitchen. Give your children a certain amount of money each day, and let them purchase items at dinner. This will help them understand how money works.

Further, children can work on their math skills while using the fake money. If a glass of milk costs three dollars in your “store,” and they give you a fake five-dollar bill, ask your child, “How much money do you expect back?” These money templates present an excellent opportunity to improve your son or daughter’s adding and subtracting skills.

If you have older children, you can teach them how to budget with the fake money, as well as the value of earned money. You can give your children fake money after they complete their chores. They can choose to spend that money on getting out of other chores, or they can choose to spend that money on dessert after dinner. This will teach them how to make choices with their money, as well as how to allocate money for a dessert they may really want.

Novelty Money Projects

If you’re a teacher, novelty money can come in handy for projects or lessons in the classroom. For older children, novelty money is great in a business project. For example, you can separate your class into groups of three or four. Each group is assigned a business, and given the same sum of novelty money.

They then have to choose how to allocate that money between advertising for their company, paying employees, expanding their company, exploring new areas of research for their industry—the possibilities are endless! Require your students to keep a log of where their money went.

You can assign a price value for each of the choices that the “business” makes. Further, you can provide the businesses with consequences for their choices. Some choices, like advertising, might be considered safe and almost always return the investment back to the business. Other choices, like pouring money into research, may produce no results for the business, and the business might have to shut down.

This project is a great way to learn how businesses operate!