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An organizational chart template is a great way to present projects, or lectures. It’s an easy and concise way to display your information in picture form. Especially if you are trying to display hierarchy in a company or a business, or explain how different pieces of information (or people) are connected, an organizational chart template is particularly useful at conveying that information.

When to Use an Organizational Chart Template

Organizational Chart Template

An organizational chart template is best used when you’re presenting information that is all connected. Particularly, it’s useful if you’re trying to present the hierarchy and ranking of different employees in a company, or different roles in the government. For employees, it helps them understand who they should consider their bosses. This is quite helpful if the company is large.

The organizational chart is also helpful for the payroll department. In large companies, it is difficult to keep track of everyone’s rank and pay grade. An organizational chart can display that information in a succinct and easy to read format.

When companies consider downsizing, or merging with another company, an organizational chart is frequently used, The chart can provide a survey if there are two employees performing the same job or if any job seems unnecessary in the company.

Bosses also frequently use the charts to distribute work throughout a company, or throughout a department. The chart ensures that the boss isn’t overlooking any employee, and that one employee won’t be stuck with more than his or her share of the workload.

Find Chart Templates

These charts are readily available online, and you can download them. The first place that you might want to look through is the Microsoft Office website. The website offers some different versions of the chart.

The Microsoft Office versions set up the boxes for you, and you can click in the box to add your text. In the basic chart, there is a box at top, which breaks into three boxes beneath it, and etc. Alternatively, they also have smaller organizational charts with fewer boxes.

However, if you’re looking for more variety, you may want to visit the website, Vertex 42. This website offers a greater variety of specified charts. For example, some of the charts that the website offers include the following: corporate organizational chart, company organization char, department organization chart, school organization chart, horizontal organizational structure, and matrix organizational structure.

The only downside is that some of the templates are only compatible with Excel 2007, and not Excel 2003. However, the charts that are only compatible with Excel 2007 are designated as such, and there are only a few of these types.

Create Your Own Charts

If none of these charts is exactly what you are looking for, the good news is that you can create your own organizational chart. You can create your own chart in any of the Microsoft Office programs.

While in the program, you can insert the organizational chart that comes with the Microsoft Office programs (instead of one of the more specified charts you downloaded above). You do this by clicking on the Insert Menu, scrolling down to Picture, and then clicking on Organization Chart.

The Organization Chart that’s inserted should have a top box, and below the top box, there should be three secondary boxes. Along with the organization chart that is inserted, an organization chart toolbox will pop out.

You can use this toolbox to add more shapes to your chart, and thus expand the chart to however many levels and boxes that you need. You can add a new box by clicking on the Insert Shape button in the toolbox, and then click if you want another subordinate box, a box on the same level, or a box off to the side. Thus, you can create the perfect chart for your needs!