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Parking Ticket Templates

Many people use parking ticket templates because they want to play a joke on a family member or friend. If this is your objective, you can use some of the parking ticket templates below. Remember that imitating a police officer is illegal and using direct copies of tickets infringes on copy written material, so use caution with delivering fake tickets and downloading them.

Where to Find

Parking Ticket Templates
  • Go to Family Fun to print a parking ticket template geared towards April Fool's Day. The ticket has a fake bar code and blank spaces to input the violation, fines, and other car information. At the bottom of the ticket, the victim of the prank will read “Happy April Fool's Day!”
  • The parking ticket at Ticket Stumbler is a ticket to give to some who's parked inconsiderately. It's simple to fill out because most of the ticket is an insult.
  • SpoofKit 1.0 is a free software download you can use to print out all kinds of fake documents, including parking tickets. You can find this program at Free Downloads Center. You can also print out joke letters and fake e-mails.

Create Your Own Parking Ticket Templates

If you have a ticket from a previous parking violation, you can use the information on the ticket to make your own. Open up your word processor and create a new document approximately 5x8 inches. At the top, write in a fake name for a police department.

Below that, create lines to include information about the person you're giving the ticket to. Use the real ticket as a basis for what data you'll write. You shouldn't include your family member or friend's vital personal information like the vehicle's VIN or license plate. You’re mainly going for a visual effect because your goal is to get a reaction.

Make sure you eventually admit your prank to the family member or your friend so his or her anger doesn't linger.