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Free Downloadable Templates

The following templates for play money can help make your child’s imagination play more fun and entertaining. Play money can also be used to help teach your kids about being responsible with their money, and about how money works. It can be used in imagination games such as house, to “buy” items or to make your very own board game twists on popular games such as Monopoly.

Playing with Play Money

Play Money Template

Many children enjoy the concept of playing with play money. They may see mommy and daddy taking money out of ATMS or paying with cash, and this may give them the idea that money is something special or that money is something that grownups have and use. Just as children like to play with other grown-up things, such as play kitchens and play cars, children may also want to play with play money.

Giving your kids play money can not only provide them with hours of fun and entertainment, but it can also be used to teach preliminary lessons to kids about how money works. For example, you can give a young child who knows how to count but who may not yet understand the full concept of money, several pieces of play money. You can set up a fake “store” and tell your child that each of their $100 bills from the play money will buy one item in the store.

Once the money is gone, they can’t buy any more items. Older children can play a similar game, but use the actual denominations of money so they will understand how much more $500 buys than $1.00. This very basic introduction can provide the footing for more detailed financial instruction later as your child grows up.

Your kids can also invent their own money games, or even create board games and use the play money if they want to do so; alternatively, if you have lost some of the play money for existing board games, templates for play money available online can allow you to print some substitute cash.

Templates for Play Money

Templates for play money are available online in different denominations, including this easy to use template that contains a one dollar, five dollar, 10 dollar, 20 dollar, 50 dollar, 100 dollar, 500 dollar, 1000 dollar, 10,000 dollar and 100,000 dollar bill.

Simply open the template by clicking the link. It should either open automatically, depending on your system, or can be opened using a free PDF reader that you either have installed or that you can install from an online source such as Adobe.

Once the file is open, the template is all created and you do not need to do or add anything else except print it out.

Printing the Template

You can print multiple pages of the template sheet to provide an entire wallet full of play money of different denominations, or a single copy so your child has a handful of cash to play with.

The file is easy to print out yourself at home, but should be printed in color for best results and for the most fun for your imaginative child. If you don’t have a color printer, you can usually have a few sheets of play money printed inexpensively at your local office supply store or print shop.

You may want to consider printing the play money on special paper so it is more durable. Your child may not have as much lasting fun and enjoyment if it is printed on plain letter paper, but printing on cardstock, glossy paper or another special type of printer paper can make the money look and feel more substantial and real.

Your child is sure to have hours of fun playing with his new play money, and the best part is, unlike real money, once it is gone, you can just print more.