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Free Downloadable Templates

A postcard template is a great and easy way to customize your own postcards, and make your friends and family feel truly special when you are away on vacation, or even for everyday occasions! They are affordable, right at your fingerprints, and even better — you won’t have to spend time wandering the gift shops searching for the perfect postcards. You can just create them yourself using a postcard template!

What Is a Postcard Template?

Postcard Template

A postcard template is basically a blank postcard, where you can insert whatever pictures or cartoons you would like on to it. It’s essentially the same thing as designing your own postcards, and the great thing is that you can download these templates for free!

The whole family will have fun creating these postcards. Even better — your children can create their own fun postcards to send their friends when the family goes on vacation without a dent in your wallet! You can download the postcards in a variety of sizes, so choose one that meets your needs!

Download Postcard Templates

While you can search for them on your Internet browser, some websites are better (and offer more options!) than other websites. The first place that you might want to try is Print Place. This webpage offers a variety of sizes ranging from a 4.25x5.5 to a 7x10 postcard.

You download the templates as a zip file. Then, you can open up the file, and fill in all the blank space with whatever you want. The templates come in PDF, AI, and JPG files and they are available in both PC and MAC formats. Further, you never know what else you might find on this webpage — they have free downloadable templates for just about anything you can imagine!

If Print Place didn’t provide you with what you want, you might want to head over to The templates on this website are available in a format compatible with Word. When you print them, four postcards print on a normal 8 1/2x11 piece of paper. Further, you can change the font used, as well as the color of the font.

Altogether, there are eight different templates for postcards on this webpage. The templates allow a place for you to write the address, as well as a designated spot for you to place your stamp. Further, the website offers templates that print your name down one side, so that the postcard says “A Postcard From [insert your name here].”

Still looking for other templates? Why don’t you visit the Designed by Kristi website and download some postcards? She offers five different templates on her page, and each differs in the font that they use. The first template uses a standard font, the second template uses a handwriting font, the third template uses an Olde English font, the fourth template uses a Divinci type font, and the final template uses an arts and craft font.

Make Your Own Template

If you’ve looked through these samples, and still can’t find one that fits your needs, you can simply design a postcard yourself in Microsoft Word. To begin, open up a new Word document.

Decide what pictures or graphics that you want on your postcard (you can always download graphics or pictures from the Internet!) and insert it on the page of your document. Next, if the picture is too large, you will have to alter it to make sure it fits on the postcard. Drag the corner until the picture is approximately five inches wide and four inches high.

Next, click on the Mailings tab, and then click on the Create group. Next, click the labels tab, and choose the “postcard” option in that section. Then, click on the New Document Button. Congratulations! You’ve created your postcards — write whatever you want on the back of the page, and send them off!