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Free Downloadable Templates

Did you know that a printable star template provides you with endless activities and crafts to do with your children? They’re easy to cut out, fun to use and best of all — they’re free! Therefore, next time your son or daughter is complaining that there is nothing to do at home, print out one of these templates and show them how wrong they are! Yet, where can you find a printable star template, and what are some of the activities that you can do with them?

Find Printable Star Templates

Printable Star Template

Luckily, you can find a printable star template on the Internet. A number of fun craft sites offer free templates for you to print and cut out. You might want to visit the website, Activity Village as your first stop. Not only does the website offer the star templates, but they also have a variety of other templates such as heart templates or Easter egg templates.

If you don’t like the star template on this webpage, why don’t you try the Family Fun website? This website offers a template with stars of different shapes. There is a medium star, a smaller star, and a large star. This gives you more variety in your craft projects.

Finally, if you’re looking for an extra large star, you should go to the website DocStoc and look at their star template. You can download the template, and open it up in your Microsoft Word program. Once you print out any of these templates, you can now begin your crafts!

Large Star Template Crafts

There are endless crafts and art projects that you can do with your stars. One of the projects that children really enjoy doing is the Star Photo Frame Project. For this project, you need the following materials: your star template, craft foam, tracing paper, foam letters (you can easily purchase these at a craft store), a small photo that you want to place in the frame (approximately passport or wallet size), and glue or tape.

First, print out a star template onto a piece of paper. Print out two templates, with one star smaller than the other star. Trace these images onto your tracing paper. You are then going to want to trace the images from the tracing paper onto your craft foam. Once you have the star images on your craft foam, carefully cut out the stars along the designated lines.

Once you have cut out a foam star, cut a circle in the middle of your star. Glue the picture to the back of the star in the middle, so that the edges of the picture are not visible from the front. Take your larger star, and add foam letters for the message that you want to say. For example, you might want to write “Mom’s Shining Star” or something similar.

You can now display the star with the message, along with the star with the picture in your house!

Star Crafts

A fun activity to do is to create 3D ornaments with your stars. You need the following materials: white foam paper, tracing paper, tape, two star templates (one template should be slightly bigger than the other should), scissors, string, and red and green markers.

First, create the foam star templates using the same process that was discussed above. Decorate these foam stars with the red and green markers. Next, cut a slit down the middle of the bigger star. The slit should be large enough for the smaller star to fit. Slip the smaller star in the slit, and secure it with tape.

Make a small hole through each of the four points at the top of your 3D star. Loop your string through the holes, and tie the string at the ends. Hang your ornament!