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Free Downloadable Templates

If you need to create a menu, there are plenty of places to download free restaurant menu templates online.

Using Restaurant Menu Templates

Restaurant menu templates can be helpful in any number of situations. If you are running a restaurant, you may want menu ideas or to know how to format your menu.

If you are teaching a second language to students, you can use a restaurant menu template to teach them vocabulary words that they may encounter in a restaurant in the foreign country.

If you are hosting a dinner party, you can even use a restaurant menu template to jazz up your dinner event and make it more fun by giving your guests a professional menu so they can preview your course selections.

Where to Download Free Restaurant Menu Templates

There are a number of different sources online to download free restaurant menu templates. The best option for downloadable menus depends on your operating system, the programs you have installed on your computer, the level of customization you need and the type of menu you are trying to complete.

Microsoft Menu Templates

The Microsoft Office online website is a good place to start for most people, since almost everyone uses this popular desktop software and already has it installed on their computer.

The Microsoft site offers a wide range of downloadable menus both for general purposes and special occasions and is a great place to download free restaurant menu templates. Whether you want to create a menu card, a Halloween party menu, a holiday menu, a valentines menu, a fish fry menu or another theme menu, there are numerous options for you.

While some of these menus are geared towards home users, many can also be adapted for restaurant menus and with 51 different online options to choose from, there is sure to be a menu on the Microsoft site that is pleasing and appropriate for any menu-maker.

HP Creative Studios

HP Creative Studios offers a variety of different templates specifically catered towards those in the restaurant business. There are several different choices, including a modern menu, a natural cooking menu, a traditional fare menu, a deli menu, a catering menu and a Japanese menu.

These menu templates can be downloaded in word doc format. You can then customize the forms using Microsoft Word If none of the free downloads meets your needs, the website also offers additional paid downloads that provide you with a wider selection of options.

Other Sites

There are plenty of other sites online that offer you help with your menu design as well. For example:

  • Stock Layouts offers you one free sample restaurant menu template as a promotion to advertise its paid template downloads. If the free sample meets your needs, then you can just use that one.
  • Menu also offers you a variety of downloadable templates at no cost. Their menus are organized into categories and event templates so you can find the right menu for any occasion or different ethnic cuisine
  • Word offers their own Microsoft word based templates to use with your MS Office program

Customizing Your Menu

The templates you can download offer you varying degrees of options as far as customizing and making your menu more personal. If you don’t want your menu to look like a stock menu, you may be able to find free images of food online at various sources such as Flickr creative commons search or other related sites to add some jazz to your menu. Better yet, take pictures of your own foods or your own restaurant and add those to the existing menu templates to make it more personalized.

Printing Your Menu

Once you have prepared your menu using the templates and customized it so it looks professional, you’ll need to print it. You have the option of printing in house, but usually want to print in color so you will need to determine the cost of a color printout of the number of menus you need.

You may also wish to get prices on a professional printing by a printer or copy service for printing you a large quantity of the menus you have designed. This may be more cost effective than printing in color in-house and the final product may look that much better because of the professional touch.