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A shamrock template can be a great starting-point for a St. Patrick’s day craft, or can be used any time you want to feel a little Irish or celebrate your Irish heritage.

What is a Shamrock?

Shamrock Template

The three leafed shamrock is a symbol if Ireland, and has been since St. Patrick used the three leaves of the clover to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish people in the 4th century. Its name comes from the Irish word “seamair,” which means clover, but the name is a westernzied or English version. It is not to be confused with a four leaf clover, which is widely viewed as a symbol of good luck.

Using the Shamrock Template

The shamrock template can be downloaded by clicking this link. The template contains one large full page shamrock and a second page with five smaller shamrocks.

The template contains outlines of shamrocks in black and white, so you do not need a color printer. You may wish to print on either cardstock or some other type of special paper, such as green construction paper, in order to make the Shamrock prettier and more useful for crafts than it would be if printed on letter paper.

Ideas For Crafts

The Shamrock template can be used to celebrate St. Patrick’s day or Ireland. You can use it as a coloring page and have your child color in the outlines of the shamrock, or as a stencil if you cut the shamrocks out and trace around them. Because drawing a clover is difficult, especially when trying to get the proportions of the leaves correct, using a template can make any St. Patrick’s day craft easier.

Consider using the shamrock template to create pictures in your scrapbook to accompany your St. Patty’s day pictures. If you are having a party to celebrate the holiday, use the shamrocks to decorate a menu for your dinner party or to make place cards- you can even put a picture of each guests face in the center of the clover.