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A training certificate template can help you create professional and high quality training certificates. Offering a training certificate is important if you are teaching a class or running an educational event because it is tangible evidence that a person has completed a specific course or program.

Training Certificate Template

Offering a training certificate is useful to the trainer because it allows you to leave a more lasting impression on those who you are training and it makes your course appear more legitimate. On the other hand, for those taking a class, receiving a training certificate can provide you with tangible proof of your accomplishments to put into your portfolio. This is important if you want a raise or promotion as you can use the training certificate of evidence of your growth.

When to Offer a Training Certificate

Any time you run a program or class, you can create a training certificate using the training certificate template. Not only will this give your students something to show for their time and money, but it can also act as a marketing tool for you. If students who attended your class display the certificate or show it to others, then other people may ask about the training. When your satisfied customer tells them what he or she learned in your course, they may decide that they want to sign up for training too.

If you run a company, marketing may not be important because your staff may be required to undergo training. If that is the case, then you still should use a training certificate so you can keep a record of who has undergone the program. If you aren’t sure if someone has completed the course or not, they can show you a copy of their certificate or you can keep copies on file. You can then show those copies to the customers of your business so they will see that all of your staff is well trained and professional.

Teachers and those working with kids can use the training certificate as well. For example, if you are teaching a child to care for the class pet hamster and he goes through a training process, he can receive a training certificate showing that he is now certified to take care of the hamster on holidays. This can help install a feeling of pride in a young child.

Using a Training Certificate Template

You can use this training certificate template to easily create your own certificates for any class or skill you are teaching. Downloading the file is as easy as clicking on the link and, depending on your computer’s settings, the file may open automatically.

If the file does not open automatically, use your PDF reader to open it. If you don’t have a PDF reader, one can be downloaded for free on the Internet from Adobe acrobat or your software provider of choice.

Once the file is open, simply click on the lines below the relevant text and add the information. Detail who the certificate is being awarded to and what they have attended. Be specific, as this may be used later on in their resume or personnel file.

Include either your personal name or your company name or both on the line that specifies “and is awarded this certificate from,” and fill in the date. You will want to sign the certificate in ink after it has been printed out to make it more personal- don’t type a signature here and try to avoid using any sort of rubber-stamped signature since a personalized, hand signed certificate is often widely recognized as more valid.


Print your certificate using a color printer on high gloss paper or cardstock so that it looks like a professional and high quality certificate of training. If you want to truly reward the individual you are giving it to, you can even have it framed so it can be hung on the wall with pride.