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From pirate crafts to scavenger hunts, the treasure map template is a great way to encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and good old-fashioned fun.

Using Your Treasure Map Template

Treasure Map Template

Now that you have downloaded your treasure map template, what do you do with it? For teachers, parents, and other adult instructors, the template for a treasure map is a gateway to adventure and fun for children and more. You can create:

  • A pirate craft
  • Lessons navigation and geography
  • Scavenger hunt maps
  • Party invitations

Treasure Maps and Pirate Crafts

Treasure maps appeal to boys and girls alike. Hand out the blank template to students and share with them the tale of a pirate seeking treasure on the high seas. Be sure to share with them key geographical features, a starting point, and an X that will mark the spot. Then draw the map together with your map on the board or overhead so they can draw along. Encourage children to create their own treasure map and pirate story.

This is a great craft for school or party.

Treasure Maps and Scavenger Hunts

If you are planning to host a scavenger hunt, consider using the template to create your clues map. It can be adapted for all age groups depending on the level of complexity you want to add to the map. If you use symbols, be sure to create a map key so the clues are easily recognizable for younger children and are universally understood by everyone using the map.

The template has plenty of room to customize it to any location from your yard to the park.

Get Creative

You can be as creative as your imagination allows with your treasure map and do not need any special artistic talents. In fact, you can make stick figure notations and still turn out a realistic looking map. Just remember that treasure maps typically contain the following items:

  • An island, dock, or other location from which the treasure hunt begins
  • Dotted trails suggesting the direction you need to go
  • Obstacles that range from geographical landmarks to monstrous creatures
  • The traditional 'X' that marks the spot
  • Innocent or helpful notations or creatures that may provide extra clues
  • Compass that provides cardinal directions (North, East, South, West)

How to Make Your Own Treasure Map

Print out your treasure map template and draw the landmarks, path, and destination you have in mind. Be sure to add any written clues or verses needed by the treasure hunters. You can use different types of pencils, inks, or crayons to give it the appearance of modification over time. Once your map is done, rag the edges of the paper carefully.

You can use a wet tea bag to stain the paper gently and soak the printer paper through. Once it is soaked, crumple the paper up thoroughly and let it dry. After the paper dries, flatten it slowly. Your template will now have the look and feel like a true treasure map from the ages.

Printable Treasure Maps Online

If you are looking for a particular kind of treasure map or want to print out a quick one for coloring and activities, check out the following sites:

Download Tips

The map template on this page is in PDF form, which requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view and print. Adobe Acrobat Readers are free to download from the Adobe website. Simply right click the link above and choose "Save As." You will then be able to select the destination folder you want to save your PDF treasure map to.