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Free Downloadable Templates

A wanted poster template can be a fun way to make decorations for a party or a child’s room. You can use a wanted poster template and put the picture of anyone you know on it to create a cute sign to hang up. They are great for Halloween parties, theme events such as a Murder Mystery night, or even as a card or gift.

Where to Find a Wanted Poster Template

There are numerous places online where you can download a poster template for your project. For example:

  • Student has a wanted poster template that you can download in either MS word or PowerPoint form. You can customize it to say what the person is “Wanted” for and you can put their picture on the template. The template even comes in a yellowy color so it looks pre-aged and authentic and there are “rip” and “burn” marks as part of the graphics so the wanted poster looks aged and more interesting
  • Wanted allows you to create an authentic replica of a real FBI wanted poster that is in the actual size and has all details the same as the actual FBI poster. You can upload a picture and put in personal information and text about exactly what the person is wanted for and any cautions about apprehending him. You will have to sign up for an account to order a poster, and there is a cost to have the authentic wanted poster created and sent to you.
  • Education has a downloadable wanted poster for teachers for classroom use. The poster can be edited and customized in Microsoft Word
  • Word provides a free downloadable template for a Wanted poster. The template can be customized in Microsoft Word and printed from your own computer

Using the Templates

Each of the printable templates for your Wanted poster can be customized using programs you likely already have on your computer. Because the graphics are all pre-designed for you, all you will need to do is enter the information the person is “wanted” for and upload the appropriate picture.

To change the text, click on the text you want to alter or on the area where you want to type. Type as you normally would, ensuring that the font and style match the existing styles on the template so that it will look cohesive and authentic.

Uploading a Picture

To personalize your wanted poster, you will need a picture of the person the poster is being made for. You may be able to find an existing picture of your “wanted” person online by using their social networking page. Many people use pictures of themselves on Facebook and MySpace.

To get the picture from there, simply right click on the photo you want to use and select “Copy” or “Copy to Desktop.” You can then either paste the image directly into your template file or you can open the file you saved to your desktop and copy it from there to your poster.

If you do not already have a picture on your computer, you will need to upload one. You can do this using your digital camera and software. If you have a cell phone with a camera, you can also take a picture of the subject of your poster and email it to yourself.

Making the Picture Black and White

You may wish to make the wanted picture black and white since many pictures on wanted posters are not in color. To do this, open your favorite photo editing software. Most will have an option to convert the image to black and white or to convert the image to grayscale. Just make sure you have a good copy of the photo saved somewhere so you don’t actually lose the color permanently on a picture you want to keep.

Ideas for Posters

You can be as creative as you want with your wanted poster. For example, if you are a parent, you could make a “wanted” poster as a joke for your child and specify that your child is wanted for having the messiest room in the world. If you want to be complimentary, you could make a wanted poster for your significant other and specify they are wanted for being the best spouse in the world.

It is up to you what text you want and how to customize the template… regardless o what you choose, be creative and the poster will make a great and fun gift or decoration.