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Free Downloadable Templates

A Microsoft word certificate template is a great way to make unique custom certificates for any special occasion. You can recognize someone and show your appreciation with a certificate. While younger children appreciate certificates, even adults enjoy recognition and praise and may be proud if you present them with a certificate.

Using Certificates

Studies have shown that in general, positive reinforcement can work just as well - if not better - than negative reinforcement. Therefore, presenting a child with a certificate for a job well done can be a great self esteem booster and help a child to feel good about himself and his efforts. This can encourage him to continue to work harder and to strive for success.

Certificates may also be used in professional settings and in the workplace to motivate employees. The employee of the month, the top sales person, or anyone else who does a good job at work may enjoy being recognized by a certificate. It is also something to put in his personnel file that may help him out in a promotion or raise negotiations later.

Creating with Microsoft Word Certificate Template

Fortunately, it is easy to create a certificate for any occasion using a Microsoft Word Certificate Template. Microsoft Word, the full featured office software designed by Microsoft and usable on both Microsoft and Apple platforms, offers a number of different template options packaged with its software. These templates are designed to help people to do some common tasks and to take the work out of desktop publishing.

To use a Microsoft Word certificate template, open MS Word you will want to find the Publication Templates in the software. You may have the option of opening a publishing template this when you first open the program (i.e. your software may ask you to either choose a new blank document, open an existing document or go to the templates). There may be slight variations in the procedure for creating your certificate depending on the operating system you are using and the version of MS Word you are using, but every version of word has a template gallery somewhere, so look around your menu options until you find it.

Once you have found the location in your Microsoft Word program where you can access the templates, then you can select from the different publication template options. These options include brochures, flyers, invitations, and awards – among others.

To create a certificate, you will want to choose the ‘Awards’ option. You should have several to choose from so browse through the images of the different certificates shown and select the one that looks the best.

Downloading More Templates

If you don’t like the existing templates in your Microsoft Word program or you can’t find a template you want, then you can also go online to the Microsoft web page and find countless printable templates.

At this online site, you can find a certificate template for any occasion. You can search the online options and narrow your choices down by Academic, Business, Seasons and Holidays, Sports and Others. Each of these categories will present you with themed award certificates that you can use for that area or subject matter.

Customizing Your Certificate Template

Once you have chosen the right template, you can easily customize it. Just click on the text that you want to change and input your own words of praise for the recipient of your award. You can change the name of the award, the name on the certificate, or just about anything else you want to alter to make the certificate more personal. You can even change the font and size of the words on the template, or alter the colors.

Once you have the template, you can edit the text the same way you would any other text, by clicking on it and highlighting the selected text that you want to manipulate.

Making a certificate in MS word is thus both easy and fun and you’ll have your certificate ready to print in no time.