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Create Your Own Bookmark

Looking to create your own bookmark? Bookmarks are a fantastic way to give someone a super-special personalized gift that’s actually useful, too. Any reader in your life will love receiving a bookmark handmade by you, especially one that reflects his or her special interests and shows you put time and thought into the gift.

How to Create Your Own Bookmark: Some Fun Ideas

Creating a bookmark is a pretty easy process. If you want to create one from scratch, all you need to do is cut a rectangle from a fairly sturdy material, like cardstock or vellum or art paper. Most bookmarks measure about two inches across and seven inches in length; some have tassels or ribbon attached to one end so they’re easy to find even in a closed book.

Make sure to choose a fairly sturdy material from which to create your own bookmark, so it can stand up to use without getting torn or creased. If you use plain paper, you should consider laminating it or otherwise giving it a protective coating.

Lamination is a good idea no matter what material you use, because it will protect your artwork and keep the bookmark from smearing or rubbing off on the pages of the book. If lamination is not possible, you can even cover the bookmark with packing tape or decoupage sealant to create the same effect. Just make sure that whatever you use doesn’t leave a sticky surface behind.

Easy-to-Use Templates

If you don’t want to create your own bookmark from scratch, never fear: Like templates for CD covers, there are hundreds of templates and free patterns for bookmarks online that are easy to use and ready for download. Just print a template and you’re ready to go. You can either print directly onto the material you want to use for your bookmark, provided it’s compatible with your printer, or you can print onto regular paper and then use the template as a pattern and trace it onto your desired material.

Getting Creative

Once the bookmark itself is created, the hard part is over and it’s time to exercise your imagination. Paint, decoupage, drawing, photographs, and even fabric are all fantastic and easy ways to embellish a bookmark. Make sure to keep the recipient’s taste and interests in mind as you work: someone who loves dogs, for example, would probably love a decoupage dog-themed bookmark, while the grandparents might prefer a fun hand-painted one made by the little grandkids. Whatever direction you go, keep it fun and remember you’re creating a small piece of art as well as a useful keepsake.

Some bookmarks have ribbon or tassels attached to the top, which makes them easy to find inside of a closed book. This is a great idea if you want to add an extra-special touch of texture and detail, and it’s easy to do. If your bookmark template doesn’t have a spot marked to punch out a hole, just center a hole punch on the top of the bookmark and make a hole of your own, being sure it doesn’t interfere with the artwork or design. Then thread a ribbon or tassel through the hole, tie it off, and braid or fringe the ends. It’s just that easy.

The materials you use, the style you decide upon, and the way your bookmark looks at the end of the project are entirely up to you. This is part of the fun. Keep in mind your recipient will treasure this as something you made by hand just for him or her, and make sure to plan ahead so it’s a pretty yet practical design. For example, don’t use materials that create too much of a three-dimensional surface, since they could keep the book from closing. The key is to make something durable, gorgeous, and useful.

However you decide to proceed, free printable templates are a great way to start if you want to make your own bookmark. The links below offer a few free templates and printable patterns to get you started.