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Print Out Bookmarks

If you need a great gift idea for a special reader in your life, you might consider finding a place online to print out bookmarks. Once you print a bookmark from an online source or template, the fun begins, since at that point you can decorate them however you like and create personalized keepsakes. Anyone who receives one is sure to love getting a gift that’s as useful as it is special – since it’s handmade.

Print Out Bookmarks … and Personalize

The best part about giving bookmarks as gifts is the fact you can personalize them, so they suit the tastes and interests of the person receiving them, and say something special about your relationship. For example, giving bookmarks to the grandparents is a fantastic chance for small artists to get out the paint and brushes and create original works of art that will be treasured forever.

If you have a friend who has a passionate interest in a certain subject, you can make a bookmark that expresses that interest so he or she will know you were thinking of them when you made it. The fact that the bookmark is made by hand, by you, will make it even more special and meaningful.

The easiest way to make a personalized bookmark is to print a template from the Internet and go from there. The bookmark can look however you want it to look, but a template is a good way to get started and ensure your bookmark is a standard shape and size.

Ways to Use a Template

There are multiple websites online that let you print out bookmarks to be used as templates; some of them are designed to be used as “patterns,” so you can trace around them onto your material of choice and cut them out. Others can be printed straight onto light cardstock or cardboard and cut out straight from the printer. Some of these come in multiple colors, too, and can be printed on color printers for instant effect.

Maybe you find a bookmark template online that isn’t exactly what you want, but is close. Keep in mind you can adjust things like the size of the template, blowing it up or shrinking it down before you print out bookmarks, so it’s exactly what you want. There is some flexibility to templates that helps you be as creative as you like.

Once you print the template, and either cut the shape out of a material or decide to decorate the template itself, it’s time to get creative. Paint, decoupage, fabric, drawing, and stenciling are all great ideas for personalizing a bookmark. Attaching a tassel or ribbon to the top makes it extra-special and makes it easy for the reader to find his or her place in the book. You can even use multiple materials, from art paper to wrapping paper and tinfoil, to create fun textures, colors, and designs that make the bookmark extra-special. Gluing down photographs or sections of book pages is a great way to add a touch that reflects the interests of the receiver.

After you finish decorating your bookmark, you should do something in order to preserve it and make sure it doesn’t smear or fade. Laminating is a cheap and effective process you can have done at any office supply store. You can also purchase laminating self-stick sheets, or even packing tape, and do it yourself. Once your bookmark is preserved with a protective coating, it’s durable enough for years of use and will remain a treasured keepsake.

There are plenty of places online where you can print out bookmark templates. The links below are just a few ideas to get you started.