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Free Downloadable Templates

Printable Bookmark Templates

Printable bookmark templates make great souvenirs and gifts for special events and occasions. They are also meaningful tools for book clubs, study groups, and other educational settings.

Selecting Your Printable Bookmark Templates

Many websites offer free printable bookmark templates that will make it easy for you to print your chosen designs, from a wide variety of genres ranging from basic graphics to animated and sci-fi themes. There are also bookmarks for every occasion, such as celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

The printable bookmark templates you will find online not only come in a plethora of designs, but many will even give you the option of customizing them with either a meaningful quotation, a short poem, a collage, a drawing, a painting, a decoupage, or even a photo that you want to include.

Printing Your Template

Once you find the right template, within a few minutes, you can enjoy your new bookmark. When you’ve found the bookmark design you want to print, simply download the image, open it with a compatible application, choose your printer settings, and then print. Typically the bookmarks come in PDF format, which can easily be opened through Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To ensure you get a nice quality bookmark, however, you should ready your printer with lots of ink, as you likely want full-colored and textured bookmarks. The best bookmark design templates are 2-sided and printed in full, high quality color.

To keep your bookmark for a long time, and to make sure your bookmark is sturdy, it is recommended you print your bookmarks on cardstock. This type of paper is very firm and durable enough for use. An alternative would be to print the bookmark on regular paper and then laminate it after printing. Having your bookmarks laminated is a great way of preserving them. Finish off the bookmark by punching a hole at the top where you can add a tassel or yarn.

Websites with Bookmark Templates

There are plenty of websites to find bookmark templates, but here are a few examples to get you started:

  • The bookmark templates Homemade Crafts and Gifts offer come with encouraging quotes.
  • At Creativity, you can find cute and inspiring designs for bookmarks. Also available are online bookmark generators, and free blank templates.
  • The Hoover Web Design site will provide you with a list of blank templates, links to bookmark creation sites, and downloadable templates ready for download and printing. To use their templates, simply download and print their templates from your browser, cut them, and fold them in half in order to make your bookmark.
  • Graphic Garden’s selection of designs includes animal and seasonal themes.
  • Kid is dedicated to offering printable materials for kids. Their original and fun bookmark templates are a great way of encouraging kids to read Some of their bookmark templates are available in full color, while some of them are in plain or black and white to give the kids a chance to color them. It’s a bookmark and coloring activity in one!
  • On the Print website, you can print or custom-make your bookmarks for any occasion. You can choose from theme-inspired designs such as: mummy bookmarks, vampire bookmarks, pumpkin bookmarks, bat bookmarks, ghost bookmarks, witch bookmarks, and black cat bookmarks. For the holiday season you can pick from Santa Claus bookmarks, Christmas candles bookmarks, Christmas tree bookmarks, Christmas Wreath bookmarks, and Snowman bookmarks. For Disney fans, choices include Mickey Mouse bookmarks, Winnie the Pooh Bookmarks, Little Mermaid bookmarks, and Piglet bookmarks.

Aside from being cute, some bookmarks can be educational as well. At First School, you can find bookmark templates that include educational topics coming from lesson plans. These bookmarks are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school children. Examples of such educational bookmarks include bookmarks with the pledge of allegiance, and seasons bookmarks with a word search puzzle.