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Super Bowl Square Template

Betting on your favorite football teams with your friends or coworkers is a lot easier when using a super bowl square template. This particular template helps to organize all bets for a football pool. Because this is a form of gambling in some ways, there are rules regarding how this is activity is monitored.

Most states allow this form of betting, particularly in the workplace environment as long all the money placed into the pool is paid out to the contestants or individuals who participated in the pool. If you do decide to participate in or run a pool, making a football template is not difficult at all. A number of resources can help you effectively set up a super bowl square to start off the football season.

Super Bowl Square Template

How A Super Bowl Square Works

To effectively use a super bowl square template, you have to understand how it works. The template is in the form of a 10x10 grid of 100 squares. Each square is used to place the initials of the person that choose to bid for that particular score or spot. The horizontal and vertical axis of the grid includes names of the applicable teams.

You will have to decide how much each square will be worth in order to determine the total amount in the pool. For example, if each square is worth $1.00 than the entire grid or pool will be worth $100. The objective of the super bowl square is to place your bid in the square that has a combination of the numbers that equal the last numbers of the final scores of the team.

The second digit of the score is always used to determine the winner of the pool. To increase the odds of winning, people can select more than one square. You can decide how often you pay out after establishing the game. You can have just one super bowl square for the entire game or you can divide the scoring amongst the four quarters.

Super Bowl Square Template

There are a number of ways you can create a super bowl square template very easily. Throughout the Internet, websites offer downloadable templates you can easily print out and use for your own super bowl pools. You can either use one of these templates or create your own super bowl square by previewing a template and making one by hand.

If you desire to use a ready-made template there are a number of options available. Websites such as Numbers Templates have a fully constructed template ready to use. All you have to do is download the template and fill it in.

Another website, Sports Betting Acumen, provides an assortment of super bowl templates that can be used for your super bowl betting if so desired.

However, some people and have the desire to make your own super bowl template from scratch. A number of websites can provide you with the necessary instructions to make your own super bowl square. Such websites as Purple and Super Bowl are excellent resources for those who are interested in making their own squares or grids.

Learning the Rules for a Super Bowl Template

As stated, in most cases, a super bowl pool is generally considered legitimate as long as all the funds that have been added to the pool are returned to the people who participated in betting. Thus, the person who created or is presenting the super bowl pool cannot profit in any form. As far as the format concerning betting is concerned, you have control over how many times the pool is established for a particular game. In order to provide people with more opportunities to win, there are usually four pools for each of the four quarters of the game and one final pool at the very end of the game that is worth the most money.