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All About Trees including Palm Trees, Oak Trees, Pines, Willows, Maples and more.

Whether you want information about trees for your landscape project or are identifying the trees in your natural surroundings, these detailed tree resources will provide all of the details you need. From palm trees to oaks, from pines to maples, from saplings to towering giants, you will find everything you desire about trees.

Golden Acacia Tree

Trees are universal favorites. The Palm Tree sways in the tropics, the mighty Pine Tree towers boldly in winter.  The exhilarating verdure of the fruit tree in spring, the grateful shade of the oak tree in summer, the colored variety of the maple tree in autumn, and even the delicate tracery of their branching when exposed, leafless, in winter, endear them not only to the artist and the poet, but to us all. Dwellers in towns, though perhaps familiar with fewer kinds than are those whose lot is thrown amid rural scenes, certainly value trees at least as highly. Their many associations have interests alike for the historian and the moralist, for the student of literature, or of folk-lore or those interested in botany.

Here are lengthy descriptions of some of the most familiar trees.  Included are excerpts from the great poets, describing in their own words, these same beautiful trees.