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Wedding Invitation Wording

The proper wedding invitation wording is critical and we tell you everything there is to know. Whether it be a Church wedding, home wedding, second marriage or whatever, the proper etiquette and wedding invitation wording are essential. The links above will show you the proper wording and etiquette for any occasion.

Wedding Invitation Wording

The Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding invitations are sent to those friends, relatives and acquaintances who are to be present at the ceremony. When the wedding is to be a large church affair, invitations are sent to all those whose names appear on the visiting lists of the two families including relatives and friends of the bride and groom. With regard to business associates, the invitation should be extended because of the friendship, not the business connection. The core of a successful wedding invitation list needs to consist of people who know well, care about and love the Bride and Groom. For a home wedding, more discrimination is shown in the issuing of invitations. Intimate friends and relatives of both families are invited, but no casual acquaintances. In sending out the invitations, the bride-to-be and her mother should take into consideration the number of people who will fit comfortably into the reception area.

The Invitation List for your Wedding

It is necessary for the bride and groom to-be to make out their list of those to whom invitations are to be sent together. If the wedding is to be a large affair, not only their friends but the friends of their parents as well, and business acquaintances of both families should be invited. If the wedding is a small one great care should be taken lest the guests are so numerous as to overcrowd the church or home. Especially is this true of the home where the space is usually more limited.

Mailing the Wedding Invitation

All wedding invitations should come from the home of the bride, even those that are for the personal friends of her husband even if they are unknown to the bride. They should be mailed about six weeks before the day set for the wedding. Out of town guests should be sent a "Save the Date" card, preferably with hotel suggestions, in time for them to make travel accommodations (usually 8-10 weeks in advance).

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