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Wedding Anniversary Invitations and Etiquette

Unlike the wedding invitation, that of the anniversary may display some delicate, unostentatious design significant of the occasion. It is engraved on sheets or cards which may display the entwined initials of husband and wife, and the year of the marriage and wedding anniversary. For a silver wedding, the engraving may be done in silver, and gold lettering is permissible for the fifty-year anniversary.

Anniversary Invitations and Etiquette

The two most approved forms for anniversary invitations are given below:

1875 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guy Ascher
At Home
Wednesday evening, May third
after eight o'clock
Thirty-two Pine Street

1863 1913

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guy Ascher request the pleasure of your company on the Fiftieth Anniversary of their marriage on Thursday, June the third at eight o'clock Thirty-two Pine Street
on Monday, the fifth of June
at twelve o'clock
at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith Hopkins
Eighteen Johns Street