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Casual Wedding - Invitation Wording

You're not one for stuffy occasions, and this includes your own wedding day. Whether just your venue is casual or you want a casual theme across everything, including your invitations, there are ways to get your message across about your big day.

A few things to consider:

  • If your wedding will take place in a place of worship, you may want to tone down the casual feel of the wording.
  • Secular locales invite more freedom when it comes to casual invitation wording.
  • If the casual theme includes guest attire, make a note of it on the invites.

Here are some specific examples to get your creative juices flowing.

To make these options fit your needs, just change the names, dates and location information. For additional help on creating your wedding invitation wording, be sure to look for the "Make It Yours" information blocks for additional tips.

Formal Options

Ceremony at the Bride's Parents' Home

Bill and Abbie Wallace
Invite you to celebrate
Their baby girl's big day
Saturday, June 14
3:00 pm
Jenna and William are tying the knot
So join us for an afternoon
Of fun and festivities
At our home
307 Kenway Park
Macon, Georgia

At Casual Venue

Jenna Wallace and William Price
Invite you to join them
As they get hitched
June 14, 2012
2:00 pm
At Seasons Sports Bar and Grille
Macon, Georgia

Sports Theme Venue

Jenna and Will are a winning team
So come celebrate
As they exchange wedding vows
At First Place Sports Bar
Macon, Georgia
Kickoff is at 2:00pm
June 14, 2012

List Bride's and Groom's Parents

Bill and Abbie Wallace along with
Martin and Debbie Price
Would love it if you'd join in a celebration of love
For Jenna and William
As they tie the knot
Saturday, June 14, 2012
At 3:00 pm
At the Rotary Garden Club
Macon, Georgia

Make It Yours
  • Omit courtesy titles such as Mr. and Mrs. to keep your invitations very casual.
  • Make your personality shine through in a casual wedding invitation. You have more freedom for creative expression, so be sure and use it.
  • If your wedding will have a specific theme, let your invitation reflect that by your choice of words.
  • You can use "with" or "along with" to divide the names of the parents.

Casual Options

Short and Sweet

Jenna and William
Invite you to their wedding
June 14
2:00 pm
In the Grand Hotel Conference Room #3
Macon, Georgia

Casual Dress

Because you've been there every step of the way
During our journey
To wedded bliss
You're invited to
Jenna and William's wedding
Saturday, June 14, 2012
2:00 pm
At our home
2445 Kirkland Rd.
Macon, Georgia
Our celebration won't be complete without you

Casual Dress


Once upon a time
A poor boy
Asked for a beautiful girl's hand in marriage
She said no
So he asked again
And again
Until she got tired of him asking
And she said yes
Jenna and Will
Are taking the plunge
Will you be there?
Please don't say no as many times as Jenna did!
We'd love to have you there
Saturday, June 14
At 2:00 pm
Bluebird Chapel
Macon, Georgia


Please join us as we sail into wedded bliss
Captain Will and First Mate Jenna
Are ready to hit the calm waters of matrimony
June 14, 2012
2:00 pm At Dockside Marina
Macon, Georgia

Make It Yours
  • While including attire suggestions is optional, you may want to help guests avoid any confusion in this area by requesting casual or dressy casual clothing.
  • If you have a great sense of humor and know your guests will be entertained by a funny invitation, be creative and word your invites accordingly.