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Halloween Wedding - Invitation Wording

You're getting married on the spookiest day of the year. Your wedding invitations should reflect your quirky choice! You have a lot of freedom and creativity at your disposal when wording Halloween wedding invitations, so don't limit yourself. A Halloween wedding will be memorable for all involved when you start with the right invites.

If guests are allowed to attend in costume, you may want to specify what's appropriate vs. what's not if your venue is formal and/or religious. Even the most casual Halloween wedding invitation needs to include all important information for guests, such as time and location.

A few things to consider:

  • If your wedding has a theme, note that on the invitation. You can do this directly in a separate note, as well as crafting your words to reflect your theme.
  • Let your invitations reflect the uniqueness of your wedding, as this isn't the typical ceremony. Use all of your creativity in coming up with appropriate wording.
  • If you want guests to attend in costume, it's considerate to include information on websites or local stores that can help them find costumes before the event.

Here are some specific examples to get your creative juices flowing.

To make these options fit your needs, just change the names, dates and location information. For additional help on creating your wedding invitation wording, be sure to look for the "Make It Yours" information blocks for additional tips.

Costume Preferred Options

Costume Preferred, Casual

Come as Romeo and Juliet
Or Bonnie and Clyde.
Dress as Cleopatra and Caesar
Or Frankenstein's bride.
It's a wedding for Janet and Rusty
On All Hallow's Eve
October 31, 2013
The place: Nero City
1234 Main St.
Miami, FL
The time: 6:00 pm
It's sure to be a spooky event
Just be sure to be there,
Dead or alive!

Please dress in costume

Hosted by Parents, Casual

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jones &
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Washington
Want your company
At the scariest bash of the year!
It's a Halloween wedding for Janet Jones
And Rusty Washington
On October 31, 2013
At sunset
Walk, run, crawl or creep
To 555 Maple Street
Miami, Florida.

Please wear a costume of your choosing.

Vampire Theme

Calling all the undead!
Vampire vixen Janet Jones
And bloodthirsty Count Rusty Washington
Are joining as one
On All Hallow's Eve
October 31, 2013
Be there as they celebrate in unholy matrimony
The ceremony begins at 8:00 pm
And lasts throughout the night
555 Maple Street,
Miami, FL

Please come dressed as a vampire.

Make It Yours
  • If costumes are preferred but not required, state that they are optional in your invitation.
  • Choose wording that showcases the quirkiness of your wedding date instead of the usual traditional wording that may be too bland for Halloween nuptials.

Costume Optional Options

Outdoor Locale

It's sure to be a fright
On Halloween night
When Janet and Rusty
Tie the knot
At The Pumpkin Patch Spot
Join these two
As they celebrate
A spooktacular wedding
October 31, 2013
At 6:00 in the evening
At The Pumpkin Patch
State Road 214
Miami, Florida

Costumes optional.

In Someone's Home

Come do the Monster Mash
At this Halloween bash!
The frightful Janet Jones
Is marrying the creepy Rusty Washington
On Halloween Night
At 7:00
Come dead or alive
To 555 Maple Street
Miami, Florida

Make It Yours
  • Make it clear that this is a wedding and not just a Halloween party.
  • Include the location address unless it is being more clearly detailed in another enclosure with your invitation.