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Medieval Wedding - Invitation Wording

A medieval wedding can be fun for all, especially anyone who takes part in historical recreations or Renaissance Faires. If you're planning a medieval-theme wedding, your invitations should fully reflect your love of all things Renaissance.

  • Encourage participation in your guests by specifying examples of what to wear on your invitations.
  • Printing your invitations on parchment-like paper is a great start when planning a medieval wedding.

A few things to consider:

  • If your medieval wedding leans toward a formal feel, make sure your invitations reflect that, so that guests know what to expect on your big day.
  • Let your invitations reflect the uniqueness of your wedding, as this isn't the typical ceremony. Use all of your creativity in coming up with appropriate wording.
  • If you request specific clothing, it's considerate to include some websites or local stores that can help your guests find medieval attire before the event. Unless your guests regularly take part in medieval events, you might want to suggest retailers who rent out clothing.

Here are some specific examples of formal and casual options.

To make these options fit your needs, just change the names, dates and location information. For additional help on creating your wedding invitation wording, be sure to look for the "Make It Yours" information blocks for additional tips.

Formal Options

Ceremony at the Bride's Parents' Home

Lady Mary Renee Thomson
Sir Nicholas Dale Pope
Request the honor of thy presence
As they join together
In holy matrimony
On September 15
In the year of our Lord
Two thousand and twelve
The two will be joined
At sunset
In the home of
Count and Countess Martin Thomson
1234 Meadow Lark Lane
Baltimore, Maryland

Renaissance attire is preferred, but optional
Please see enclosure for Renaissance clothing merchants

General Formal Invitation, Hosted by Parents

Baron and Baroness Martin Thomson
request the pleasure of thy company
at the wedding of
Their faire daughter,
Lady Mary Renee Thomson
To her noble knight,
Sir Nicholas Dale Pope.
The ceremony will begin
At 3:00 pm
September 15, 2012
At St. Joseph's Church
In the olde land of Baltimore, Maryland

Make It Yours
  • Give guests the option to wear medieval or modern clothing by specifying that Renaissance clothing is optional, but not required.
  • Using Olde English spellings help to make your medieval invitations sound more authentic.
  • Use words such as Duke, Count, Lady and Countess in lieu of Mr., Ms. and Mrs.

Casual Options

At a Medieval-Themed Venue

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
To all who reside in the fair land of Baltimore, Maryland
Wedding bells do ring for
The faire Lady Mary Renee Thomson
And her brave knight
Sir Nicholas Dale Pope
The honour of thy company is requested by
Duke and Duchess Martin Thomson
And Count and Countess Randall Pope
At 2:00 pm
September 15
In the year of our Lord
Two thousand and twelve
At the Medieval Lodge

While Renaissance attire is strongly encouraged, modern day attire is appropriate.

Outdoor Locale

All ye knaves and knights,
Wenches and ladies,
Join Mary and Nicholas
As they join together
In the holy bonds of matrimony
On the fair eve of September 15
Two thousand and twelve
At 7:00 pm
In the meadow behind
Grand's Church,
Baltimore, Maryland

Church Wedding

The honour of thy presence
Is respectfully requested
By Lord and Lady Thomson
For the marriage of their daughter
Mary Renee Thomson
To her betrothed
Nicholas Dale Pope
Son of Lord and Lady Pope
Ceremony will commence
At 5:00 pm
September 15, 2012
At Godric's Castle (Cathedral)
1234 Main St.
Baltimore, Maryland

Make It Yours
  • Referring to a church as a "castle" or a backyard as a "meadow" helps keep to the medieval theme.
  • Include the location address unless it is being more clearly detailed in another enclosure with your invitation.