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Wedding Pew Card - Invitation Enclosure Wording

Not all weddings will require pew cards. Generally, these are reserved for more formal, large and/or religious venue settings. They are also reserved for special guests who you wish to sit toward the front of the venue.

Pew cards are also known as "within the ribbon" cards, as the guests who present them to ushers on the day of the ceremony are seated within a reserved area, often set aside with ribbons.

It's usually best to wait until after your guests have replied to their wedding invitations before issuing pew cards – this way, you'll have a more accurate count of how many seats to reserve.

Your pew card wording can be very simple; it may even be one line: "within the ribbon" if you don't want to specify a pew. This way, guests can sit anywhere within the designated, ribboned-off area. Of course, you can be more elaborate if you choose, as seen in these examples.


Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Harrison
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Bride's section
Pew number ___


St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Bride's section
Pew number ____


Please present this card
At Saint Sebastian Cathedral
On Saturday, the fourteenth of March
Mrs. Georgia Patterson
Groom's section
Pew number___