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Post-Elopement Celebration - Invitation Wording

When you elope, you don't get to partake in all of the formalities that a traditional wedding entails. You may still want to celebrate, however, with family and friends.

If you eloped because of monetary concerns or because the time just seemed right, you can still hold a ceremony that allows your loved ones to come together with you. Your invitation wording will differ from the typical wedding invitation since your nuptials have already taken place.

A few things to consider:

  • While you typically don't have to list the bride's parents as the hosts as you would for wedding invitations, if they're hosting the party, it's fine to address them as such.
  • Your post-elopement wording should reflect you as a couple; if your wedding was casual and funky, let your invitations to the after-ceremony reflect that. If your celebration will take place in a more refined venue, make sure your invitations match.
  • If you'll accept wedding gifts, or if you're registered anywhere, be sure to include that on your invitation.

Here are some specific examples to get your creative juices flowing.

To make these options fit your needs, just change the names, dates and location information. For additional help on creating your wedding invitation wording, be sure to look for the "Make It Yours" information blocks for additional tips.

Formal Options

Ceremony at Someone's Home

Please join Cynthia and Gregory Stevens
As they celebrate their recent nuptials
At 1234 Chickadee Circle
San Diego, California
On March 14, 2012
At 4:00 pm
We'll have champagne and light appetizers on hand
To toast to the newly married couple

At Bride's Parents' Home

Norman Castleberry and Barbara White
Wish to invite you to celebrate their daughter
Cynthia Castleberry's recent wedding to Gregory Stevens
The pair was joined in marriage on January 19, 2012
In Honolulu, Hawaii
Please join us as we celebrate their marriage vows on
March 14, 2012 at our home
161 Hickory Drive
San Diego, California

Make It Yours
  • While not necessary, it's nice to include the actual date of the elopement as a frame of reference for guests.
  • You may also consider including the place where the marriage vows took place if the couple didn't marry in a local venue.

Casual Options

At Exclusive Venue

Please join us for a champagne brunch
To celebrate Cynthia and Gregory Stevens' recent wedding
We exchanged our "I do's" on January 19, 2012
In a tiny chapel in Puerto Rico
And now we'd love to celebrate with you
You're invited to
Gulf Coast Country Club
San Diego, California
On March 14, 2012
At 11:00 am

At Casual Venue

We've eloped!
We're very sorry you all couldn't be there for the wedding
But please join us to celebrate
On March 14, 2012
At 2:00 pm
At Harper's Sports Bar
San Diego, California

At Casual Venue #2

We just couldn't wait
To set the big date
Now we'd love to celebrate
With all of our friends and family, too
Cynthia and Greg invite you --
To a post-elopement party!
We exchanged vows this past January 19
And want to gather everyone together
At Newman's Bar and Grill
On February 28, 2012
2:00 pm
San Diego, California

Brunch Setting

It was love at first sight
So why wait?
We got hitched!
Please join Cynthia and Gregory
For an elopement brunch to celebrate their January 19 nuptials
You're invited to First Coast Grille
On March 14, 2012
At 11:00 am
San Diego, California

Ceremony at Couple's Home #1

We've tied the knot!
Please join us for a casual post-elopement ceremony
March 14, 2012
At 4:00 in the afternoon
At our home
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stevens
444 Oak Lane
San Diego, California

Ceremony at Couple's Home #2

Cynthia and Greg got hitched!
We're sorry you couldn't join us for the big day
But please join us for a celebration
At our new home
444 Oak Lane
San Diego, California
On March 14, 2012
At 4:00 pm
Potluck dinner will be served

Make It Yours
  • Casual invitations may omit the last names of the couple.
  • For casual invitations, there's no need to spell out the dates or years; simply use Arabic numerals.