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Q&A – Deceased Parents

Q: I know etiquette says that deceased parents shouldn't be included on wedding invitations, as this is reserved for the hosts. However, I'd like to honor my deceased father in some way. How can I word my invitations to do this?

A: You're correct about the traditional etiquette and who should be mentioned on invitations. Suggestions such as honoring your late father in the form of a tribute at the reception – through a poem, special verse or even in the wedding program – are typical alternatives. If you feel very strongly about mentioning a late parent on your invitations, here are a couple of ways you may want to do it.

The pleasure of your company
Is kindly requested
At the marriage of
Lacy Ann Harris
Daughter of Mona Harris and the late Calvin Harris
To Stephen Proctor
Saturday, May 19, 2013
4:00 pm
Hideaway Cove Chapel
Savannah, Georgia

Anton and Judith Bennett
Request the honour of your presence
At the wedding of their daughter
Marielle Rae
Jonathan Kyle Roberts
Son of the late Martin and Annette Roberts
Friday, the ninth of October
At three o'clock in the afternoon
All Saints Church
Chapel Hill, North Carolina