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Q&A – Parents' Titles

Q: I'm confused about how to word my wedding invitations since both my parents are doctors. How can I word this without it looking awkward?

A: If both parents are doctors, it's actually very easy to list them on your invitation. Except for courtesy titles such as Mr., Mrs. and Ms., you should spell out other titles.

Doctors Miguel and Graciella Rodriguez
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
Maria Thomasine
Mr. Rafael Adolpho Ruiz
and your participation in the offering of a Nuptial Mass
Saturday, the eighth of November
Two thousand and thirteen
At three o'clock
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Ocala, Florida

Q: I don't know how to list my parents on my wedding invitation. The father's name is usually listed first, but my mother is a doctor and I'd like to include her title. How can I word this?

A: This is very easy to do, although it appears untraditional. However, the titled parent is listed first, regardless of gender.

Doctor Nancy Anita Floyd and Mr. Garrett Howard Floyd
Request the honour of your presence
At the wedding of
Sandra Elizabeth
To Norman Lyle Hargreaves
Saturday, the twelfth of March
Two thousand and thirteen
At five o'clock
St. Mark's Church
Amarillo, Texas