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Q&A – Stating the Wedding Time

Q: What's the correct way to state the time on a wedding invitation? I've seen "half past four o'clock" or "two o' clock in the afternoon" but that sounds very formal and doesn't really fit the tone of my casual ceremony. Also, do I have to list "in the afternoon" or "in the evening"? That seems like stating the obvious.

A: How you state the time on your invitations should definitely reflect the tone of your wedding.

  • Formal invites dictate no abbreviations, so "four o' clock" and "half past three in the afternoon" are regarded as proper.
  • On casual invitations, a simple 2:30 will suffice, as guests know a wedding isn't likely to occur at 2:30 in the morning! However, some trickier times that would benefit from a simple "am," "pm," "afternoon" or "evening" designation include weddings between 8:00 and 9:00.

Finally, if your wording is less formal and your ceremony begins at half past the hour, be sure and include a hyphen when listing the time, so "four-thirty" and "one-thirty" are the correct ways to note it.