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Q&A – Two Receptions

Q: My fiancé and I will have two receptions after our wedding ceremony. The first reception is in the same location as our wedding, but the second reception will be a week later and in a different location. How can I include this information in our invitations? Is it wrong to put all the information on the actual invitations, or do I need separate cards for everything?

A: Because couples have more than one reception for various reasons – ethnic heritage, family located far away – consider your particular situation before deciding how to word this on your invitation and whether or not this necessitates separate cards.

  • When the first reception is in the same locale as the wedding, simply add "Reception to follow" at the end of your invitations. Include a separate card for the second reception, listing all important information such as date, time and place.
  • If your second reception takes place in another city and state, to accommodate a large number of family members who couldn't attend the wedding, you may list the second reception directly on your invitation. Local guests will probably understand they're not expected to attend this second reception, especially if you list that it's out of state. You don't need to include specific information about this reception, so a simple "Second reception in California" at the bottom of your invitation should suffice.

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