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The White House

The White House is the primary residence of the President of the United States and the President’s immediate family. The White House bustles with daily activity from a constant staff of bodyguards, servants, and members of federal intelligence agencies inhabiting the halls. The White House is a long-standing national structure that every American deserves to know.

The White House

How can you find out information about the White House? Right here! Looking for information about White House tours? Or tours for local tourist attractions near the White House? Since it is part of a park district, the White House and the surrounding area offer many attractions for tourists, so make sure you don’t miss out: check out the above articles for how you can best enjoy your time. Need help to find the different addresses associated with the White House? Look no further. This includes e-mail, street, and other contact information.

Are you a history buff? The articles here can help you learn more about the Presidents who lived in the White House, the architects who designed it, and how the White House is separated. If you think you know the building, then check with us for additional accurate information. Find out how much renovation occurs with each new administration and what kind of events take place on the different lawns. The White House’s extensive history involves wars, people, protests, and controversy; finding it all can be daunting, but everything you ever wanted to know is only a few clicks away.

The White House, like the country, is always evolving and growing. There’s more to the White House than the West Wing or the Oval Office: see what has happened in the past, see what’s going on at the present, and check out the proposed changes that could reshape the White House in generations to come.