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The White House Address

The White House address is an easily remembered address, sometimes more often remembered than one's own address.

White House Street Address

White House Address

The official White House address is:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

The NW indicates the Northwest side of the White House, where incoming mail arrives and departs.

White House Mailing Address

The White House address for mail is the same as the street address listed above. The only difference is you add the White House line, as below:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

White House Email Addresses

Besides the mailing address, you can also contact the White House electronically. The two main addresses are:

Despite being two different addresses, the President and Vice President don’t actually get the email. Both the snail mail and electronic mail is screened and only a very small portion actually reaches the President or Vice President.

Finding the White House on Web Maps

If you are interested in pulling up a map of the area around the White House, then follow the directions below for the most popular mapping sites.

  1. Mapquest. In the "Address or Intersection" box, type 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. In the "Zip Code" box, type 20500.
  2. Yahoo Maps. In the "Address" box type 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 20500.
  3. For Google Maps type into the "Search" box, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 20500.

For any other mapping site, make sure that you leave out punctuation and include "NW" in the address. This is how the post office lists the address and is what most mapping programs use to determine where your address is.

Nearby Streets

The circle drive that passes by the front of the white house is State PL NW. The two streets running perpendicular Pennsylvania Avenue are W Executive Ave NW and E Executive Ave NW. On the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue is Lafayette Square, which is surrounded by three other streets also: Jackson PL NW, Madison PL NW, and H Street NW.

By Gregory M. Thompson