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White House Roosevelt Room

The White House Roosevelt Room is a room that has been used for decades. It is the main work area of the President of the United States and is named after Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The location of the current Roosevelt Room is where Theodore Roosevelt's first West Wing office was, until Franklin Roosevelt modified the West Wing.

White House

The West Wing

The West Wing was designed to move the main offices of the President and the staff from the center of the White House. Many of the rooms were meant only to be used temporarily, but no changes occurred until a fire forced President Hoover to make a decision on the West Wing. He chose to repair the damages instead of expanding the West Wing (which was originally planned years before) because of 1929's stock market crash. Four years later, Franklin Roosevelt commissioned Eric Guglar, an architect, to make changes to the West Wing, including arranging to move rooms in the White House outside the West Wing.

What is the White House Roosevelt Room?

The White House Roosevelt Room is located in the middle of the West Wing, which was built in 1902. The West Wing is a set of rooms where the President and staff work. The Roosevelt Room is situation where Theodore Roosevelt's office was located in the West Wing when he was President.

What is the Roosevelt Room's Function?

The room is used for the President's staff meetings as well as larger meetings involving Congress. Increasingly over the past few decades, the Roosevelt Room has been used to announce new staff members or promotions. Since the room is in close proximity to the Oval Office, the Roosevelt Room is often used as a "Green Room" where people, delegates or dignitaries with meetings with the President wait.

How is the Room Decorated?

The room contains a fireplaces and a large table that can seat 16 in the center of the room. There are no windows in the Roosevelt room, but the room is lit by a fake skylight. Throughout the years, various paintings of FDR and Theodore have hung on the wall, depending on the mood of the current administration or President. For example, many Democratic Presidents left the "Rough Rider" painting by Tade Styka on the wall while Republican Presidents, like George W. Bush in his second term switched out paintings for other depictions of the Roosevelts.

The room is painted in a beige color with white trim. Located in the room is the very first Nobel Price won by an American, the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize won by Theodore Roosevelt. In addition, busts of both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt sit on the mantle above the fireplace. The room is 25 feet in width and 35 feet in length.

Fun Facts

When Franklin Roosevelt occupied the room, he installed an aquarium in the room and had fish he had caught mounted on the walls. The room quickly became known as "The Fish Room" while he was in office.

It wasn't until 1969 that the room actually acquired the name, "Roosevelt Room." President Richard Nixon named the room the White House "Roosevelt Room" because Theodore Roosevelt originally planned the West Wing and Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded the West Wing.

President Carter enjoyed using the White House Roosevelt Room for working lunches and breakfasts and often used the President's Dining Rom as an office and study.

The Fish Room continued with that moniker during President John F. Kennedy's occupancy because he displayed a sailfish he captures in Acapulco, Mexico.

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